Choosing Joy

Getting caught up in the raging rapids of a hectic day is so easy to do. Trust me, I know all too well. It’s so easy to have a day start off on the wrong note…and then to straight up milk it the rest of the day. You woke up twenty minutes late, ugh. You ran out of milk for your coffee, ugh. Your hair is all friggin’ wonky and you just.cant.get your eyeliner to flick out evenly on both sides, UGH. Nothing is going right. You’re irritated as hell, and nothing can change it. So, you carry this nasty chip on your shoulder the rest of the day. You’re mad at the car who waited too long to go when the light turned green, or irritated when you ask a question and don’t get the answer you wanted, or upset that your spouse just.doesnt.get it, or, or, or.
You’re tired. You’re frustrated…..

Let me tell you something; you don’t have to be.

Those moments when you have nothing left to give. When the kids are whining and rolling their little bodies all over the ground in exhaustion. When the dogs are being crazy and won’t stop barking. When the house is a mess and laundry’s unfolded and you’re thinking of all the million things you couldn’t get done. Stop. Take a deep breath, and find the things to smile about. The kids are exhausted from a full day of playing. The dogs are barking because they love you and want to protect you. The house is a mess and things are undone, but you have shelter, and clothes. There is always a bright side when you stop to look for one.


I know all too well how easy it is to turn a bad moment into a bad day. Choose joy instead. It’s easy to let that feeling of self pity take over and run the show. Don’t let it. Choose joy instead. CHOOSE to wake up and let both feet hit the floor ready for a new adventure. Choose to let the little stuff be just what it is- little. Tell yourself, first thing in the morning, that the day is going to be beautiful, that life is a gift, and that you are going to make the best of WHATEVER comes your way, that it’s a with so much potential. I know that everyone’s walk is different. Some of you may be having the most amazing day of your lives, while others are dealing with things I can’t even begin to imagine….but you’re here, you’re alive. And that… is a beautiful thing. There is SO much beauty in that alone. Do you know how amazing the human body is? Like, really, truly amazing!  What a gift! Isn’t that enough to smile about!? Whatever your circumstance is, I challenge you to choose joy. It’s much harder to stop and intentionally choose, but it’s so worth it. There’s so much good. Stop. Breathe. Find it. Live it.


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