Treatsie Time! 

It’s Treatsie Time!! If you know me well, you know that the sweet tooth is STRONG with this one! 💃 Y’all I may be late to the Treatsie party, but better late than never right?! They are your go to source for curated gourmet, artisan candy subscription boxes and let me tell you, my family can’t stop raving about how good these treats are! You can even shop a la carte 24/7 whenever that candy craving hits. I love the fact that I don’t have to get dressed and go to the store with the kids to get these, because idk about you, but when I want to treat myself, I want it now. Plus, no whining at the store. 😉I can stash my box away and ration it, because everything in moderation. (You know you stash yours too!).

Here is a preview of the May Treastie box including: Finally Ginger cookies, Raley’s Confectionary, Torie & Howard, and Belgian Boys with the added “Add to Box” option of the CocoRouge bar. Here’s my breakdown of the goodies:

Torie & Howard Organic Chewie Fruities:
Hands down, these were my favorite in the box and I will also OFFICALLY let it be known that these are my NEW FAVORITE of ANY candy. (My birthday is coming up, Sept 16, if anyone wants to know what to get me…Id happily devour several or thirty bags of these in one sitting.) The pack came with an assortment of pomegranate nectarine, blood orange and honey, and lemon raspberry chewies. They are soft and sweet and have the most beautiful jewel toned colors, thanks to the fruit and veggie dyes that color them. Full of organic ingredients, and void of chemicals- I am happy to enjoy these with my kiddos. Find more info on these yummies at

Raley’s Confectionary Acid Drops:

These beautiful little hard candies are almost too pretty to eat, almost! They are fruity and sour, but not too sour. My 3 year old loves them and since opening the bag, has been getting one or two per day when he helps with his chores. They are obviously hand crafted as they are cut at different lengths, which I think adds to their beautiful charm. I am googoo over these because not only do they taste amazing but I can see that so much care went into making them! For more info on Acid Drops, check out:

Belgian Boys Stroopwafel:

As you know, I’m gluten free so unfortunately I couldn’t partake in these glorious treats, but that didn’t stop my littles from devouring them in less than 10 minutes. The pack comes with two waffle sandwiches, with a creamy sticky caramel layered between. The back of the packaging said “Troublemakers of taste” and I had to give a little chuckle because the kids were fighting over the last few bites! Definitely caused some trouble at my place! 😉 Jude (my 3 year old) got his own cookie and the twins split one between the two of them. They were soft and smelled oh so sweet. Jude said they are “sweet and delicious!!” He’s pretty picky, so I’d take his word for it. For more about the Stroopwafel, visit:

Finally Ginger Artisinal Ginger Cookies:

Another treat I personally couldn’t enjoy but my husband and kids chomped these down! Aside from the absolutely adorable graphic packaging, I’d say these sweet and spicy cookies were a win. Caleb said they had a slight snap to them. Not quite enough to be a ginger snap but not chewey enough to be a ginger chew. He enjoyed the texture quite a bit and teased Jude when he asked for a bite- pretending to not want to share. Jude always giggles when he tries something he likes and after biting into the ginger cookie, giggles surely ensued! I’d call it a win for these cookies! For more on Finally Ginger, visit:

CocoaRouge Dark Chocolate Coffee Bean Bar:

This. You guys… THIS! For anyone who loves coffee and loves chocolate, this bar is the perfect thing for you. As soon as I heard the name, I swear I heard angels singing. No joke. The heavens opened up, and I heard them! When I first bit into this beautifully dark bar, the slight bitterness of the chocolate was only to be outdone by the unexpected crunch of ACTUAL coffee beans. I was expecting some sort of coffee flavoring…but this is full on, in your face, COFFEE y’all. I am so in love with this bar! I would be ordering it by the case if I could! Do yourselves a favor and try these bars! Also, that wrapper is seriously frame worthy. As an illustrator and lover of all things coffee, it’s seriously what my dreams are made of! Check out more of CocoaRouge at:

Here is a little bit more info from Treastie about what to expect with your subscription:

Treatsie is your source for artisan, gourmet candies that you might not have found otherwise. We offer the monthly base surprise box, our add-to-box customization program and a 24-hour shop.

Each box is an adventure, filled with different treats each month. We use a combination of full sizes, samples, and deluxe-sized sample products.

We offer a variety of desserts, from brownies, cookies and creative bars to chocolate bars, toffees, caramels and chewy fruit candies.

Billing is monthly recurring on the same day you sign up. There are discounts for signing up for quarterly and annually billed subscriptions. Monthly= $19.95, Quarterly=$56.85 ($18.95 per box) Annually=$203.00 ($16.92 per box)

Boxes ship around the same time each month, most boxes arrive between the 20-25th of each month.

In addition to signing up for the base surprise box, you can add items to your box in the Add-to-box program. The first week of every month, we offer special desserts for sale that can be added to your surprise box. You can choose items and have them shipped with your box. By using code ADDTOBOX at checkout, you get free shipping.

We also have a 24-hour shop where you can purchase one-off items whenever your sweet tooth strikes!

Canceling is easy, and can be done at any time. Product that has already been paid for will be shipped as scheduled.

We also have a blog where we share creative baking and sweet-related content.
Complete background on the Treatsie system:

Treatsie wants to be your go-to source for high-end, small batch treats; whether they come to you as a surprise in your monthly subscription box, chosen by you and added to that box or purchased from our shop.

The majority of our customers subscribe to our monthly box. This box is hand-selected by our team; each box is a variety of sweets that were sourced from artisan candy makers from all over the country and range from delicious and dainty pate-de-fruit to creamy chocolate bars in intriguing flavors to playful caramel corn.

Each month is a new sweet, mysterious adventure. Our boxes are hand packed and shipped around the same time each month. We begin putting boxes together the Monday after the 15th of each month, regardless of when you order. If you order by midnight on the 14th, you are placed into the current month’s box flow. If you order after that, your first box will be the following month. We find that sending the boxes together helps maintain the surprise so everyone gets to experience that month’s box at the same time! Also, since we are working with perishable items, we work with a “just in time” delivery system, which means all of the monthly box items arrive a few days before packing and then we box them up and ship them right back out to you. It makes for a few very hectic days during pack week for us, but it ensures that you get the freshest snacks possible. We like to think the extra effort is worth it.

Each box has 4 to 6 items and we aim for a $25 value per box. While some subscription boxes focus on the high value to cost ratio, we feel that the value in our box comes from the discovery of new treats. We aren’t receiving free samples and passing them along to you, we buy each and every sweet that goes into the box, supporting these small, local businesses all over the country.

We have collected a small group here at Treatsie who are passionate about sweets and we would love for you to be a part of what we’ve built.

I had an amazing experience with Treatsie! The entire process working with them was a joy, the box shipped quickly with an enclosed ice pack and my family and I LOVED the products. We will definitely be shopping the website ASAP for some more a la carte goodness. I am so so excited to be partnering with them to bring you an offer for DOUBLE the goodies in your first box! Just type in code: KIMILOVE at checkout at !


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