Fun with Tava Adventures

I recently had the opportunity to check out these amazing passport packs from Tava Adventures. They are interactive packets with learning cards and activities to take with you to your destination when traveling with kids.

Each pack comes with cards breaking down the history and culture of certain monuments and points of interest, in a way that your tiny adventurers will understand. On the backs of the cards are puzzles, crosswords, fill in the blanks, doodle prompts and more.

I chose the Venice and Rome packs. While we didn’t actually travel to these cities with the kids, I thought it would be a fun way to teach Jude a little bit about his Italian heritage! Along with our Tava packs, we looked at pictures online as well as videos for each of the landmarks. It was a “staycation”!

He had so much fun doing the activities and I loved that while reading the descriptions to him, he asked questions! I could see his little gears turning as he processed everything, and the excitement on his face as we got to each new card was priceless!

These passport packs are very well made. They come in bright blue “passports” that are held together with an elastic band. Once you open them, you are sure to be instantly charmed, as I was, by the beautiful illustrations and colors on each card.

There is a little luggage tag as well, in its own separate sleeve, where your little one can put his or her name! I can’t wait to actually take these traveling one day, but until then- I see many more staycations with Tava Adventures passports in our future!

Here is a little bit more about them directly from their website:
Who are we?
Hi! We are Tay and Ava (Tava). We love to travel and believe the world is too exciting to be wasting time sleeping and eating. We love adventure! Our latest adventure (Ava’s brain cancer) has been a harder adventure to be on than most but we are hoping that Ava will have a clean bill of health soon so we can get back on the road to see the world! We hope you will follow along.
Our Mission Statement
“To inspire all young globe-trotters to never stop searching for the next adventure and to always take one step further than the day before”


You can find all of the passport packs at :


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