Why the Time Sawyer is my Favorite Watch

One of my goals with this blog is to use it as a platform to share some of my favorite things with you! As you may have gathered, I love supporting small businesses, but I also love shopping with purpose.
If you’re on the market for an amazing time piece from a socially conscious brand, you have got to check out Arvo!

I am absolutely in love with this beautiful watch! The leather is wonderful quality and the stitch work is flawless. It’s packaged in a thick, well designed box and protective foam, and covered with clear plastic to keep it safe during shipping. I love that as I was setting the time, with each pass of the hour mark, it made a little tick sound. I know that’s such a silly thing for me to find joy in, but to me it shows great quality craftsmanship! The face of the watch is absolutely gorgeous and minimal, which I love, and is engraved on the back with their tag line, “Be good. Do good.” I mean, cmon! So cool right?? Check out their mission here to learn more about it! Another reason I love this watch is because I am so obsessed with the way the gold of the watch face matches perfectly the gold in my antique heirloom wedding ring-( I’ll share more about that at a later date. It’s so very dear to me.) There are markings on the inside of the band, with the brand on one side and “genuine leather” on the other. The clasp of the watch is also engraved “Arvo”, just another mark of a high quality watch!

My husband Caleb is into all things men’s fashion. (He’s got more shoes & closet space than I do!) His Amazon wish list is filled with what looks like the entirety of a men’s boutique. I’ve got to give it to him though, he is always lookin’ s-h-a-r-p! Anyway, onto the point…The model of the watch may be Caleb’s favorite thing….he’s a big Rush fan, and this models is called the Time Sawyer (so clever!), which Arvo has engraved on the back of the watch face. I can’t say enough about the amazing quality of this watch, it’s SO good, and Caleb keeps trying to steal it from me! I know what I’m getting him for Christmas!

Thank you Arvo for this beautiful product, you’ve gained a lifetime customer!!!
Full disclosure: I received this watch from Arvo & Collabor8 in exchange for an honest review, and I can honestly say I LOVE this watch. Highly reccommend!


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