The Best Diaper Bag for Moms of Multiples

As a mom of twins + 1, I am always on the lookout for tips & products that will make my life easier…especially when it comes to leaving the house with my kids. It can get pretty overwhelming juggling two one year olds and a three year old (phew….I’m ready for a nap just thinking about it!).
One thing that has made leaving the house SO much easier is my Okkatots Baby Bag. There are several different bags to choose from, but I have the Travel Depot Bag. This thing is amazing, keeps me totally organized (aka keeps me sane) and I wish I would’ve known about it sooner!
I will share with you how I organize my bag but first, check out Okkatots’ description:

Product Description

Headed on vacation? An overnight trip to grandmother’s house? Or even just planning to spend a day with your kids in the great outdoors? If so; this is the ultimate travel diaper bag made just for you! Its unique design was specifically engineered to give you a place to put everything you need and easily access whatever you are looking for while on the go.
Travel Depot Bag Features:
Easy Access diaper wipes compartment

Insulated Side Bottle Pocket

Insulated cooler on the top of the bag. Holds up to 6 bottles or perfect for packed lunches

Cushioned laptop compartment holds 2 tablets and / or laptops up to 15”

2 cell phone pockets

Comfortable shoulder straps

Reinforced stroller straps

Antimicrobial cushioned changing pad

Antimicrobial compartment for storage of dirty clothes

Antimicrobial pacifier pouch

Main compartment fully unzips like a book for efficient packing and visibility

Multiple elasticized interior pockets

Fits under airplane seats

Measurements: 17.5” X 16” X 9.5”

Sounds pretty cool right? Well, it is! I looked and look for diaper bags with my oldest and settled on one that was cheap and could “get the job done”…well you get what you pay for and let’s just say it didn’t last very long before metal pieces from the “Doctor’s bag” style opening started poking out & seams ripped.

I was fortunate enough to have a beautiful friend of mine gift me with a gorgeous handmade satchel diaper bag, and I love it! However, with having two littles in diapers at the same time, we outgrew it very quickly (although I still use it as a purse!).

This Travel Depot bag is made for travel, but has become our everyday bag. I love that it’s made like a backpack because that means it’s hands free, plus it has a chest buckle for even more security (and I feel it distributes weight more evenly), and the straps as well as the back are padded…which is HUGE if you’re carrying lots of items.

Another thing that totally blows my mind with this bag is the cooler! I WISH I would’ve had this while I was nursing/pumping because it’s great for storing bottles. Since I don’t have the need for that many bottles anymore, we use it for carrying fruit & snacks. It’s insulated so it keeps everything nice and cool, and with it being at the top of the bag, it keeps your snacks from getting smashed….nobody likes smashed snacks.
The diaper section is HUGE, so you can easily fit at least 20 diapers with room on the sides for other items. There is a built in wipes container on the side, so you’re not having to dig for the wipes with a squirmy baby! I imagine I will swap these out for wet naps of disinfecting wipes once the little ones are out of diapers.

Another really cool feature that I totally geeked out over is the padded section at the back for tablets & laptops. It’s close to your back (when you’re wearing the bag) which means that it’s not sticking out where it can get hit, and I love that the section is secured with its own zip pouch & padded with soft fabric, so I know my devices are safe! When traveling, this is great because you don’t have to dig through the whole bag to find your laptop or tablet…they’re right in their own little space!
The only things I could potentially see as being things to consider for some, are price (this bag retails at $159.99 (US), and the fact that since it CAN hold so much, it COULD get heavy. However, here are a couple of things to consider…
As I said at the beginning of this post, you get what you pay for. Having used the bags I’ve used, being a mom of 3, and having traveled and moved halfway across the country….I wish I would’ve known about this bag & invested in it sooner because, as cliche as it sounds, this bag changed my life. It has taken so much unnecessary stress off of my shoulders. For the ease of carry, accessibility of the items in the bag, and overall quality- it is more than worth it, and totally pays for itself.
As for the weight of the bag, the website states that it weighs 1lb, and I would agree. My bag is filled with diapers & wipes, changes of clothes for all 3, our iPad, a couple of board books, snacks, and other miscellaneous small items, so it’s still very light weight. If you were traveling and tried to pack this puppy full, I could see the weight of it easily climbing…however, with the padded straps & cross body buckle, it would weigh the same as any backpack carrying the same things…AND be way more organized. So, to me…the pros outweigh the “cons”… If you would even call them cons.
Overall, this bag is the bees knees, and whether you’re a mom of one or several, I’d call the Okkatots Travel Depot Bag a must-have!
(More pics to come!)

Full disclosure: I received this bag complimentary from Okkatots. Rest assured, I would never endorse something I didn’t fully believe in.


3 thoughts on “The Best Diaper Bag for Moms of Multiples

    1. Thanks for the comment!! It really makes everything so much easier! We didn’t get it until the twins were about a year old already, and if we would’ve had it the first year I can only imagine how much stress it would’ve relieved!! I love that it grows with us too- now we have extra pairs of undies for accidents, books, snacks etc in there!


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