An Easy Way to Deck the Halls

A great way to “deck the halls” on a budget is to grab several different styles of these floral stems and pair them together in a neutral vase/glass/jar/pitcher you already have!

For this piece, I chose some “snow” frosted pine cones, some greenery, and of course some glitter , and added to this vintage wash basin set my other mom(I hate the word step) had sitting near the stairs! For $1-$3 per stem, it’s an affordable and effective way to bring some simple holiday flare to your home.

Also, I know what you’re thinking- it’s not even Thanksgiving yet…but we LOVE Christmas in this house.

Check out these other pics for all the ways we’ve used this method this year! While the price point of these stems was a few dollars higher, the concept is still the same, and we used everyday vases, proving that even if you spend a little more, the piece is still budget friendly and super impactful!

Which one is your favorite? While I love them all, I’m personally a sucker for gold and natural elements, so my soft spot is for the first example!

I’d love for you to share some of your favorite budget friendly holiday tips in the comments below!


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