gofanco EdgeS 7-Port Charging Station

When you are a family of 5 in 926 sq ft, you have to get creative with the space you have. Every inch of every corner of every room needs to be optimized for max-usage. (And when I put it that way, it kind of sounds like I’m talking about a Transformer…but I guess I basically am.)
We have floating shelves for our bowls, plates, and cups, to keep the few upper cabinets we do have free for spices & every day cooking ingredients. We have shelves over the washer & dryer that act as our pantry. We’ve got the kid’s walk-in-closet set up as toy storage as well as a reading space, and part of our front room is also a play room.
The dresser in our bedroom doubles as our desk & workspace, and our kids each have one drawer in the dresser in their room. Our bookshelf doubles as a console/catch all station, and our couch folds down into a guest bed. Every inch, max usage.
Needless to say, space is limited for things like electronics & the chargers and cords that go along with them. For this reason, I was ALL IN when gofanco reached out to me to test and review their EdgeS 7-Port USB charging station!

*First off, let me preface this by saying that I received this product for free in exchange for my review. Rest assured these opinions are completely my own.*
The EdgeS arrived in a carefully packed package, the cord & power source packaged neatly & separately. The product comes with two dust mats (which I thought was a nice little touch) so you can choose between white or black. I received the white dock, but chose the black mat so that fingerprints won’t show. The power source plugs into the wall, and an adapter connects it to the EdgeS. There is a beautiful blue power light, which I like the look of, however, regardless if the device is off or on, the power source stays on. This confused me a bit, but I don’t know too much about the ins & outs of electronics or if it even effects the overall function for it to remain engaged. We constantly have at least once device on the charger so this is a non-issue for us, and we could always just unplug it.

After using it for a week, here are a few of the things I enjoy most about the EdgeS 7-Port Charging Station:
-I noticed better and faster charging of my devices compared to directly charging on the wall outlet.
-I REALLY enjoy that I can charge multiple devices at once. Not only do I work partially from my phone, but we use one of our old phones as a sound box for the kids during nap and bedtime. Before this, we would always have to switch out the cords & trade off who gets to charge next (often arguing over who needs it first. “I’m at 7%!”, “Well I’m only at 6!”…Haha! Oh, marriage <3. ), since we have limited space, and we are hesitant to buy more “stuff” including cords. With the dock, everyone is happy!
-You can charge multiple TYPES of devices: iPhone, android, iPad, etc. on the same dock.
-It is compact, about the size of a typical paperback novel, so it takes up very little space.
-It’s sleek design & minimalist black/white colorway help it blend into any type of home decor without being overpowering or awkward.
– It’s priced affordably for the quality!
There are only a couple of things that, I think, could use improvement:
-The constant use of the power bank cord when the device is not in/in use. Again, I am no electronics wizard, so this could very well be necessary for the proper function of this device. And if so, than it’s easy to overlook.
-The charging station does not come with the charging cords for each port. It would be nice to include short charging cords for this device (even if just one or two) so you aren’t using one of the standard long cords that comes with a phone. Again-this could be overlooked because if you have an iPhone, it would be a waste to have a bunch of android chargers or vice versa. On that note, they ARE easy to find and purchase separately based on your own needs.

Overall, if you are on the market for a multi device charging dock, I am really happy with the function, affordability and design of this one by gofanco. You can purchase here.
Do you have a gofanco EdgeS? If so, let me know what you think of it in the comments below!!
As always, thank you SO much for taking time to read my blog! Please reach out and say hello, I’d love to talk!
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