Gorgeous Floral Prints by Script + Vine

I have been looking for something special to hang over my bed for the longest time…well, since moving into our place in January. We don’t have a head board, so the wall above has been bare, and starved for attention.
I have a hard time committing to anything for our home that I don’t love. I’d see pieces that were ‘okay’, and then go to purchase and quickly back out…realizing that if I changed my mind I would be stuck with it. Sounds dramatic, but that’s me haha!
You all know my history as an illustrator by now, and if you take away one thing about me from a quick glance at my Instagram feed, it’s that I LOVE florals, botanicals, and overall anything having to do with nature. I’m an earth baby through and through…so when I saw these beautifully simple & timeless floral illustrations by Genevieve Ali at Script + Vine , I was immediately smitten!!
I wanted to do a little feature on Genevieve, so you could get to know her as I’ve had the pleasure of doing over the past month or so. I asked her a few questions about herself and the heart behind her pieces:
About Genevieve:

I’m Genevieve Ali, the lady behind Script + Vine. I’m an artist and brand designer who’s still convinced her letter from Hogwarts got lost in the mail.
Most days you’ll find me working in a grandpa sweater and leggings in my home studio, putting pen to paper or mouse to screen. Most nights you’ll find me lamenting how I forgot to plan dinner or questioning my decision to spend so much time lifting heavy weights and putting them back down.
About the pieces:

Script + Vine was born out of a love for art coupled with a deep connection to nature. Combining my interests in paper, stationery, and home decor, I create minimal, understated work from hand-drawn illustrations and quality specialty materials.

Each piece goes through my hands every step of the way: design, production, and packaging all happen from my home studio in Maryland, USA. Through my art pieces, I seek to elevate homes, studios, and offices with nature-inspired illustrations. Through my stationery, I seek to add a touch of elegance and magic to everyday communications.

About the prints:

All art prints are created from original drawings by me, Genevieve Ali. Each piece is drawn by hand in pencil and then in pen and ink, scanned into the computer, and then digitized for reproduction. I think there’s something magical about the way line drawings—so deceptively simple—can display such movement.

To me, these flowers are in conversation with one another, dancing on their stems. Each art piece is printed on recycled, 100% natural white cotton paper with archival black ink. Under the drawing of each floral is its Latin scientific name, a detail inspired by vintage botanical illustrations.

I am seriously head over heels for her work, and so grateful to have them hanging over my bed.

Genevieve has been so gracious to share a code for all of my readers:

Use code KIMILOVE for 15% off all purchases! 

You can shop her Genevieve’s art and services at Script + Vine , and find her on Instagram here.


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