CBD Oil for Anxiety

*full disclosure: this is a sponsored post. All views and opinions are my own*.

I have been looking into trying out CBD (cannabidiol) oil for over a year now, and recently got the opportunity to try out the CBD Hemp Oil from CBD Bio Naturals.

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found within the hemp plant, that has been found to contain many healing properties.

Before I get into what I thought about this product, let’s break down 1) why I wanted to try it and 2) the apparent benefits of CBD.

The Why: I will be the first to admit that I was one of “those” people that was super anti-anything related to marijuana. It was so taboo for me. Several situations from my adolescence had skewed my view on the topic, and I wasn’t budging- I still to this day have never tried marijuana. However, I prefer to try natural remedies first when possible, and over the past few years people had mentioned that I may benefit from its healing properties and after doing MUCH research (and after the legalization of recreational use in my state- helping with my taboo mindset), I realized hemp CBD (which is derived from the male hemp plant and does not contain THC (the psychoactive chemical compound that makes you “high”) found in the female marijuana CBD) may just be the perfect thing for treating my anxiety, depression, and migraines.

The Benefits: I am seriously no expert on the topic, so here are some of the benefits of this CBD oil straight from the website:


CBD may improve heart function and prevent heart disease.*



Early studies show that CBD might inhibit the spread of cancer cells to other areas of the body, especially agressive breast
cancer tumor cells.*



May relieve nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy. Promotes a normal appetite. MCT oil is naturally antibacterial and antiviral and may help to promote a healthy digestive system by fighting bad bacteria.*



May reduce feelings of anxiety and promote relaxation
Some studies show CBD also relieves symptoms of schizophrenia and can seizures in some people.*



CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation, and may offer relief for those with inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s, IB, UC.*



MCT oil is easy to digest and is suitable for those with digestive problems or have gallbladder problems. MCTs are
processed by the liver, so they are easily absorbed and provide sustained energy, without raising blood sugar levels.
CBD also reduces liver inflammation and may keep your liver healthy.




See what I mean?? So- I gave it a try and here is what I thought.

The oil comes in a dropper bottle, meant to be portioned into doses of 1 dropper full at a time, 1 to 2 times a day or as needed. You place the drops under your tongue and hold for 60 seconds (best & fastest way for the oil to absorb into the bloodstream).

I tried my first dose first thing in the morning, and within 10 minutes, my constant buzzing of anxiety had calmed way down. I always wake up with this fluttery anxious feeling, and it definitely helped to settle that feeling. I felt calm & relaxed (to be clear, it was not a high** feeling…rather, feeling at ease or content). This feeling lasted throughout the better part of half of the day. I knew right away that this was a game changer for me. I tried several doses this way (over a week or so) and also tried it in my cup of coffee in the morning. Both produced the same results.

I also brought the drops with me to our recent trip to Disneyland. I kept them in the safe in the room, and took a dropper before leaving. I typically do NOT handle crowds well, and will have anxiety attacks, feelings of claustrophobia, and sometimes even avoid the crowds all together. My anxiety has heightened ten fold over the past few years, in light of all of these crazy events in the world. If I needed to be SOLD on this product- this was the situation to do it.

I took my drops about half an hour before leaving the hotel, and by the time we got to the gate, I felt…NORMAL. Not anxious, not constantly watching everyone else….but normal. Again – I did NOT feel like I was under the influence of anything, this CBD does not contain any of those kinds of chemicals. I just felt at ease. Not high…just normal.

I am 100% convinced that CBD does in fact contain many health benefits. And I am proof that it DOES work!

If you are on the fence about trying CBD for your anxiety- I just want to encourage you to give it a try, and see for yourself how amazing it really is.

Thank you so much to CBD Bio Naturals for partnering with me on this blog post, and gifting my this awesome product to try.

*I am in no way a medical professional. The statements made in this post are not meant to treat or diagnose any issue. Please see your doctor before making decisions related to your health.*


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