Shared Kid’s Room : DIY Polka Dot Wall with Brewster Home

*full disclosure: this is a sponsored post; all opinions and views are my own*

The kids’ shared room has been a dream project in my mind since we moved into our lovely home (which we have so wonderfully been able to rent by my amazing in-laws) back in April.

Here is a BEFORE shot:

We’ve got our 3 year old boy/girl twins and 5 year old all in one perfectly-sized-for-their-ages room. The boys share a bunk bed on one side, with their grey and black plaid bedding, and sissy girl is on the other side. Her bedding situation is up-in-the-air right now ; we were shipped the wrong size & color for her bedding, so I’m currently jumping through hoops to get that returned and get her super cute & girly blush pink bedding. Currently, she’s got her crib bedding and some extra blankets that do the job for now, but I’d like to donate the crib size bedding and get her some that fit her new twin bed.

My vision for their room is to create a space that feels overall gender neutral (since hello, two boys and a girl), but has pops of their own interests and favorite colors when looking further. Since we do have the clear divide of “boys side & girls side” with their bedding, I wanted to tie the two together somehow on their “headboard wall”, or the wall that their beds all share.

Enter : Brewster Home : Wall Pops Polka Dot Wall Decals ! Not only are these little vinyl decals cute as heck, but they’re incredibly easy to apply (my 5 year old even helped, placing the dots that are above his top bunk. He did great, right!?) , removable, and don’t damage the paint underneath in the process!

For this wall I used two packs of the vinyl wall decals and gave them generous space in between. You could get away with using one pack if you wanted the polka dots more sparse, and three packs would give a much more concentrated look. I found two to be the perfect amount for this wall!

I love the way the dots tie everything together and the simple but impactful graphic look they provide! You can purchase them here: Brewster Home .


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