Capri in a Bottle

The Island of Capri has long been near the very top of my bucket list. To go to Italy, where my ancestors are from, travel the country side, shop in Milan, and then spend hours upon hours on the warm Mediterranean beaches on Capri. I’d bury my toes deep in the sand, crack open a good book and read it through oversized sunnies while sipping Limoncello and listening to the waves roll in. *affiliate post*

What a perfect moment that would be, and while a trip to Capri is no where in sight, this incredible new fragrance from Skylar takes me there with each spritz! It’s a bright effervescent citrusy scent with notes of grapefruit, bergamot, neroli, blood orange, teakwood, sheer vetiver, muguet, Dewey rose, and crystal musk…and it’s all things crisp and clean and summery. I was so honored to try this fragrance out before it launched today, and I’m seriously obsessing over it! My kids keep asking to smell it too, and give an “mmmmmm” with every little sniff!

Best of all- all of Skylar’s fragrances are clean, natural, and hypoallergenic. They use conscious ingredients that are free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, allergens, animals derived ingredients, or synthetic dyes- and even better, they don’t induce my migraines. It’s perfection in a bottle and I can’t get enough!! Learn more about Skylar’s clean perfumes and more !

*this post contains affiliate links. I may make a profit if you purchase through this link, but it costs no extra for you. thank you for supporting !


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