The Most Comfortable Double Strap Sandals from Naot

Anyone else have high arches?? If you don’t you may not even know what I’m talking about. And if you do….boy you do!!!

*This post is in collaboration with Naot footwear. All opinions are my own.*

As someone with high arches, and now as an adult, plantar fasciitis, I am constantly on the hunt for shoes with excellent arch support. Having constant daily foot pain can put such a damper on your quality of life, and I’m here to let you know that it doesn’t have to be that way! Keep in mind that I am not a medical professional and if you are having intense issues with your feet, you should go see your doctor! I am sharing what has worked for me, in hopes you may be able to find some relief…or even just a cute pair of shoes that matches your style!

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I received a pair of ultra comfortable shoes from Naot (pronounced Nay-Oat) about a month ago and I wanted to really break them in before sharing them with you because shoe comfort is something I take very seriously!

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When they reached out to me about working together, I’ll admit, I had never heard of the brand..but after doing some research and due dilligence, I was immedietly impressed with this brand from the other side of the world and couln’t wait to try them! Let me give you a little background info that I pulled from their website to show you what I mean.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

“Naot is an international success story.  When the members of Kibbutz Naot Mordechai founded the kibbutz shoe factory in 1942 as a one room workshop, no one imagined that in fifty years’ time their shoes would be worn all over the world.  The small shoe factory that made simple work shoes and sandals has become an international business and is now Israel’s leading manufacturer and exporter of shoes.

The idea originating in northern Israel in the late nineteen-eighties, “It’s fashionable to walk in comfort”, quickly conquered the world. Naot manufactures a large variety of footwear with a unique anatomical footbed. The footbed is a “negative” print of the foot, just like the footprint we leave when walking in the sand. It is flexible, soft, shock absorbent, supports the heel and alleviates fatigue and pain. The footbeds are made of natural cork and latex and are covered in a pampering layer of suede. The uppers are made of high quality Italian leathers. Naot has gained a loyal customer following, which each year enjoys a new and exciting collection of comfortable shoes, clogs and sandals.

It is no wonder Naot means oasis! ”

I love this little chart that breaks down the Naot footbed as well. Take a look!


I decided to go with the Santa Barbra style, a traditional double strap design that I have always been very fond of. Upon opening the box, the smell of genuine leather overwhelmed my senses and took me to a euphoric state of ” mmm…hand crafted goodness” (sorry vegetarians). These shoes are so beautiful. As mentioned above in the exerpt, Naot has a large emphasis on making shoes that are COMFORTABLE, and this mama is all.about.the.comfort!

I put my Santa Barbara sandals on almost a month ago and am pleased…tickled even!…to let you know that I hardly take them off other than to go to bed or to shower. They hug my arches, and the shock resistance is unlike any other shoe I’ve worn. Besides taking supplements for inflammation, NOTHING has helped my feet feel so good as these high quality sandals. I put them on the moment my feet hit the floor, and its like a nice warm hug.

Is it weird to gush so much over shoes?? Maybe…but if you gave these shoes a try, I know you would be too!!

You can check out these beautiful Santa Barbra Sandals from Naot or browse their other gorgeous shoe styles here .   There is also a super informative FAQ section! They really offer something for everyone, and I know this definitely won’t stay my only pair forever! I can’t wait to expand my collection!


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