Easy Ways to Decorate with Houseplants

*full disclosure: this is a sponsored post, all views and opinions are my own.*

I think it’s safe to say that my love of nature is pretty apparent. I can be labeled a “crazy plant lady”, a “green thumb”, and a “nature nut”, and I’m totally not ashamed of it! In fact, you can bet that I totally own it!One of my favorite ways to celebrate nature in all of its beauty is to bring it indoors.

Before having the kids, I’ll admit- my thumb was NOT green at all. I had several houseplants I’d gotten from family, and slowly but surely, I’d managed to kill every last one of them. I’d forget to water, or over water, or stick low light plants right in front of a window and fry the poor leaves…Not my proudest moments. 😣

I love to nurture, to dote, and to overall care for the people I love, and I think becoming a Mama has helped contribute to the newly found green-ness of my thumbs 😆.

I get lots of questions and compliments on my house plants so I thought I’d compile a list of easy ways to decorate your home with houseplants : featuring all my plant babies, several of which were ordered through the online plant store The Sill – thesill.com. You have got to go check them out! (They even have an annual membership program called Plant Parent Club, where you will have access to all of their online workshops- plus free shipping on every order!).

Here are just some of the ways I easily bring some life into my home with plants, and you can too!

• Add some green to the kitchen and dining area with a large statement plant, like this Peace Lily, or a small potted plant or some succulents on the countertops.

•Breathe life into the living room with a shelfie-ready potted plant like this Money Tree Plant from The Sill . I was gifted this gorgeous plant through The Sill’s Plant Parent Club . It’s seriously the perfect subscription (or gift!) for crazy plant ladies like me!

•You can also bring balance to your TV stand or console table by adding plants of similar heights one either end. Here are my Snake Plant (left) and Rubber Tree Plant.

•Plants look GREAT on a feature wall, where they can really shine next to your wall art. A Fiddle Leaf Fig adds just the right amount of green to this neutral space.

•Air Plants are pet-friendly, don’t require a pot, and only require once a week watering, making them perfect for beginners! I love featuring them on/in various types of containers, like this himalayan salt votive holder, a wooden bowl or cup, or even in a clear mason jar on my window sill! Note that my air plants are pictured submerged in water, but this is only for their weekly watering. Air Plants are happiest when dry.



•Using house plants to create interest on top of a bookshelf is one of my favorite ways to decorate! It also keeps them out of reach of pets and small children.

•A cute little boxwood on either side of your bed adds a perfect pop of color, and some symmetry!

•You can also add plants to your childrens’ rooms! Just be sure that they are kid safe, and keep up high if you are worried about the dirt or curious little hands picking at the leaves.

•There are even many plants that love living in a humid bathroom! Be sure to look up plants based on the amount of light your room receives. You can learn all about plant care and more through the online workshops provided by The Sill!


And there you have it! Houseplants bring me so much contentment, and I love sprinkling them throughout my home! I hope this post has given you some helpful ideas on ways you can do the same.

Be sure to check out The Sill for more gorgeous houseplants you can order online, and follow The Sill on Instagram for loads more houseplantinspiration!

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate with houseplants? I’d love to know, comment below!


11 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Decorate with Houseplants

  1. I absolutely love your house it’s so alive and beautiful and cozy I just signed up for the Sill thank you you’re doing a great job Kimi you’re so creative love you



    1. Haha! I’ve been there!!! Truly! I encourage you not to give up! Do lots of research on the plant you chose to find the best ways to care for it! I had to set alarm notifications on my phone in the beginning to remind me to water lol! There is hope!


  2. This is awesome!! My husband and I have been talking about getting plants and we have no idea where to start haha, definitely going to check out The Sill!!


    1. How exciting for you guys!! There is a whole wide world out there to chose from! The Sill is an awesome resource, and their instagram is loaded with tons of inspiration!


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