Review: Triple Brightening Serum

Recently, Refresh Skin Therapy sent me some of their fruit triple brightening serum to try in exchange for an honest review. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now, and here are my thoughts on this product.

The Fruit Triple Brightening Serum claims to brighten complexion and reduce the appearance of dark spots. Here is the description from the website for more details:

“A multi-tasking daily active serum with four key active botanicals to brighten all complexions and reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Who is this for?

Anyone with uneven skin tone, dark spots, melasma, sun spots, or acne scars

What does it do?

– Glycolic acid gently encourages new skin cell turnover to smooth and soften. Complexion is noticeably brighter and softer, even after just one application.

– Licorice Root Extract is a potent antioxidant working to soothe reddened, sensitive skin. Also acts as a tyrosinase inhibitor to prevent hyperpigmentation.

– Bearberry (Alpha Arbutin) and Kojic acid are natural skin brighteners, to reduce the appearance of dark spots. Effective, natural alternative to hydroquinone. ”

My Review:

Skin Type: Combo, Oily

Concerns: Acne Scarring & Fine Lines

My Experience:

Initially when you receive the product, it looks very nice. The packaging is simple and clean, and I love the dropper bottle. It makes using this product simple and convenient.

The formula itself is clear, smells slightly sweet and is somewhat viscous. It’s got a nice luxurious texture, that absorbs nicely into the skin without feeling oily.

I started using this product regularly about 2 months ago. I was eager to see some change in my old acne spots, but didn’t notice any change in my complexion. I liked the feel of the serum on my skin (think hydrating and plumping) so I continued using.

Weeks passed and it felt like nothing changed at all and I was ready to give up on this serum, when finally my spots started fading. I wouldn’t say that they are completely gone, but they did lighten over the past 2 months.

I have continued to use this serum, again, for the hydration it provides and not necessarily for the brightening qualities. This is a decent product, you just have to be patient for the results.

Rating out of 10: 7 – product is good, however it took quite a while to see results.

Shop this product here .


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