Review : Keranique Hair Regrowth System

*this is a sponsored post, all opinions and experiences are my own*

Happy OCTOBER friends! Can you believe it’s finally here?? I know for me, it felt like September went by in a blink. I’m not mad about it though. October is one of my favorite months because you can FEEL the change of the seasons. Even here in Northern California where things feel unseasonably hot longer in the year, we are still blessed with crisp mornings and cool evenings. It’s also the gateway to my favorite time of the year: the holiday season! Who’s with me?? Any other crazy Christmas junkies out there?? I may or may not be listening to Christmas music already…

Along with the holiday season are more family gatherings, more holiday parties, and overall just more general social togetherness. I don’t know about you, but this always comes with the added pressure of feeling that I need to look my best, be my best self. We find the clothes with the best fit, the perfect nail polish to match, do our makeup just right, and primp our hair…but what if we are hyper self consious of all or any of those things? I know I am. And surely, I can’t be alone in this.

Having my babies, hormone imbalance, and the stress of everyday life have caused me to experience some hair loss. I notice hair in my hands when I shower, my hairline around my forehead is about half an inch higher than it was before having my kids (I jokingly call it my 5-head, but it’s really to hide my embarassment of it), and when I brush my hair, I notice excess amounts of hair coming out into the brush, even if I’m not pulling through tangles. It’s thinning, and it’s been happening for about 2 years or so. Now, this is not something we as women like to talk about, but it happens. And guess what? It’s actually pretty common.

There are many products on the market that claim to reverse these symptoms, stop them all together, and/or even help grow your hair back! I was sent the Keranique Hair Regrowth System through Statusphere to try for a month and share my honest review. Here’s my experience:

There are 3 steps to the Keranique Hair Regrowth System (which can be found at and Ulta stores nationwide) Shampoo & Condition, Hair Regrowth Treatment Spray, and the Lift & Repair Treatment Spray. Used in combination, this is said to pack a powerful punch to give you full, healthy, and strong hair. Just what every woman wants, right?

Unfortunately for me, that was not the case. I had issues immediately with the shampoo & conditioner. The bottle says to use “a small amount” in your hair and work through roots to tip. My hair is pretty thick (as in I have a lot of it, even though its thinning), and this small amount would not work its way through my hair or scalp no matter how much I massaged- it sat on my head in one spot until I combed it through. I let it sit on my scalp for several minutes before rinsing, and when I rinsed, my hair felt brittle and tangled. “ Okay…maybe this is just what happens before I condition…fingers crossed,” I thought to myself.
I followed similar steps for the conditioner…and unfortunately the results were the same…brittle, tangled, rough hair. I got out of the shower, patted dry, and completed the last two steps…following the directions carefully. These steps are to be applied to the problem areas. For me, that is around the front of my hairline.
It’s been several weeks of using these products (I wash my hair every 3-4 days, so that’s 4 washes), and for me, the only result I have is dry brittle hair, that is even more frizzy than before, and now damaged pieces of hair that have a strange “zig zag” texture….like if you’ve ever accidentally started to straighten your hair when it was still damp…like that…all over. (These photos are after air drying, brushing, and styling. It won’t flatten out or hold a soft curl like it normally does because it’s so damaged).
Friends, I know that these products have worked great for other women, and some of them I know personally..but I am in the few that did not have beneficial results. I’m pretty disappointed about what this product has done to my hair and I wouldn’t recommend it as the formula is right now…also- now I’m on the hunt for a super hydrating & repairing deep conditioner or serum. :/
Rating out of 10: 3 , the 3 is because I’ve seen it benefit other people’s’ hair.

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