The Allswell Mattress : A Bed the Whole Family Will Love

Caleb & I had been on the hunt for a new, yet affordable mattress for what felt like years, so when I discovered the new online mattress store, Allswell, I knew I met my perfect match! 

Allswell is a design centric, New York based, female led brand that is rooted in the principle of making a good night’s sleep accessible to everyone! I LOVE that!!

We received the new hybrid mattress , “The Allswell” which combines the best of both foam and coil mattresses and at $245 for a queen, this mattress truly is accessible to all. 

Caleb and I have different feelings when it comes to “ideal firmness” for a mattress- he prefers a more firm bed while I like soft.  We also wanted something cozy enough for all the kids to want to climb into bed and watch movies & snuggle with us (isn’t that the best!?). I feel like this mattress ticks all the boxes for both of us, and I can honestly say I have never had better sleep in my life since we upgraded with The Allswell

It comes to your house rolled, vaccum packed, and in a box, and it’s SO satisfying to watch it inflate before your eyes when you cut open the packaging! Seriously so fun! It’s best to give your mattress a little time to fully inflate (about an hour) before sleeping on it. 

Allswell also has a range of “bedscapes” to choose from! These bedscapes include curated bedding sets- including duvets, sheets, throws, pillows, and throw pillows- to make your room look as if you hired an interior designer! While I already have bedding for my bed, I did choose some pillows and throws that coordinated so beautifully with my own pieces and I love them so much! The throw is such a rich and warm piece (I will link everything down below, but the pieces I chose are from the New American bedscape).

If you are on the market for a new mattress or bedding, I can’t recommend Allswell enough! They are beautiful, breathable, intentionally made, and feel SO luxurious, while being affordable and attainable for the average person. You can find these pieces and more at and 

Thank you Allswell for sponsoring this post and for the mattress of my dreams! And thank you for making affordable BEAUTIFUL as well! 

MATTRESS: The Allswell , king | THROW BLANKET : Charcoal Herringbone Throw | THROW PILLOW : Decorative Rust Velvet Throw Pillow | THROW PILLOW: Textured Cotton Striped Pillow


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