CBD for Dogs

*this is a sponsored post. all thoughts, opinions, and experiences are my own. post contains affiliate links- affiliate links cost you nothing but help support my blog should you chose to make a purchase.*

This is Boss. Boss is one of my three dogs…but of all of them, he’s *my* dog. Dog Parents, I know you know what I mean. He has chosen me as his person. He lays at my feet, and rests his head on my lap when I don’t feel good. He comforts me, and I give him all the pets. The others are so well loved, don’t get that wrong. But I am his and he is mine.

Caleb surprised me with Boss the year we bought our first house. I came home from a loooong day, a late shift, and he told me he took my laundry up to his moms to clean it (our washer must have been broken or something). I went to open the box of my laundry, and out popped my Bossy Boy. It was love at first sight. He was chubby and fluffy and soooooo cuddly. How could I not love that little guy?

Fast forward to 2 years ago. We were living in Texas in a tiny apartment, and so we used to take the dogs to the park across the street. Caleb brought the dogs over to the park for a run, as we did. He was throwing the ball, as we did, and on this particular day, Bossy caught it- and landed wrong. Caleb heard him yelp and ran over to him, only to find out he couldn’t move his back legs.

After lots of tears and panic, we took him to the vet who took an x-ray and found no broken bones, but definite spinal trauma. We were forced with a decision. Put him down or put him on meds for 10 days and hope he does better. No brainer. We got him on the meds, and as you all know- he fully recovered. Thank the Lord.

2 years later, we’re so happy he’s still with us, but he does have hard days. A few days a month (usually if he gets over ambitious and does too much roughhousing with the other 2 dogs) his back is in a lot of pain. His demeanor changes, he’s super stoic and you can just tell he’s uncomfortable.

We had been looking for ways to help him with his back pain when a CBD company called Neurogan reached out to me about a collaboration. When I saw that they not only made products for humans, but also our four legged friends, I knew we had to try them.

I have to be honest I was a little skeptical at first, but knowing how much relief I get from CBD, I was willing to try anything for Bossy Boy. As you can tell by these pictures, he absolutely loves them. We give them to him only on his hard days, and you can tell he gets so much relief.

Instead of looking super uncomfortable with his ears back, Boss is more relaxed, willing to play, and overall his demeanor just looks so much more comfortable. I definitely recommend that anyone with pets that suffer from pain or anxiety give these CBD dog tr from Neurogan a try! You can find more information about them, and purchase them : here and they’ve been so generous and shared a discount code for my followers and readers! Use CODE : HEMP15 for 15% off your order!

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