Current Fav: Black Ankle Boots

Full Disclosure: For this post, I’ve teamed up with Naot Footwear, a brand I truly love. Thank you for your support!

I have a confession. I used to have a bit of a shoe hoarding problem. Any cute pair I thought I could find a use for, I snagged up only to have them sit, unused in my closet, indefinitely. At any given point, from the ages 16-21 you could find at least 30 pairs in my closet. No joke.

With motherhood, less space, a budget, and more responsibilities, you can imagine that habit got nipped in the bud pretty quickly. Fortunately, most of them got donated with the exception of a VERY select few (like, 3) , great quality, long lasting shoes.

I’ve gotten very picky in my quest for minimizing all-the-things (hey Marie Kondo, thank you for that!), and love a good neutral multi functioning piece. Sharing one of my favorites today- my black ankle booties from Naot Footwear. These are the MEDITATE ankle boots in Vintage Ash Leather. I’ve already gushed about why I love this brand so much in this blog post , so be sure to read that post to learn more!

I love these black ankle booties so much and wear them on all occasions! The distressed leather and studded detail give them just the right amount of edgy-yet-put-together-ness. They look amazing paired with a maxi dress or maxi skirt, with cropped slacks, or my favorite go-to, a distressed hem jean.

Top it off with a cute chunky oversized sweater (like I’ve done above) or a casual vintage tee, and you’re all set for a day out or ready for school pick up! A simple swap out into a flowey patterned blouse or tiered chiffon cami and date night has never looked better; and it all starts with the perfect shoe!


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