How I Relieve Stress with this One Drink

[ full disclosure: this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Natural Vitality. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

I often struggle with stress during the day and sleep issues at night, and have been making a more mindful effort and self-care.

“Self-care” means different things to different people, but for me it means catching my stress when it starts showing signs, and taking the time to focus on calming myself down, and re-setting my mindset.

It also means to do something (even small) for myself each day to try to prevent it all together.


One thing I have been utilizing for years is Magnesium. This was reccommended to me by my doctor years ago as a step in preventing my migraines.

The benefits of magnesium are endless, but some include : calcium absorbtion, aiding in bone health, heart health/vascular function, PMS relief, migraine relief and prevention, and relieving stress.

Magnesium is also a natural muscle relaxer, so it’s great for the tension caused by stress as well.


One of the most enjoyable ways I take my magnesium is in drink form, with Natural Vitality CALM. It comes in a powder form and you just mix it into your warm or cold water. Natural Vitality is non gmo, vegan, and gluten free and is basically stress relief in a cup. When I take one tsp of it mixed in my water, I am more calm and relaxed, and able to be fully present for my work and my family.

I definitely reccommend trying out Natural Vitality CALM if you struggle with stress! Not only does it work wonders for me, but it tastes amazing!



* Please note I am not a doctor, and you should see your health care provider for any specific concerns.


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