Best Faux Plants that Actually Look Real

*full disclosure: This post is in partnership with Nearly Natural. All opinions are my own.*

So many of you know me as your resident “plant lady friend.” And I love that. I get questions weekly about what the best plants are for beginners, how to propagate succulents, troubleshooting leaf discoloration etc. and am always beyond happy to help you navigate your own journey into plant lady land. It’s a thing, okay?

But one of the more common questions, er, statements rather, that I get is, “I love your plants, but I would kill mine.” Another common one, “I love plants, but they hate me.”

Some of you, we’ve been able to find the *perfect* plant for, and even pin point what has caused the demise of your plants in the past (hint: it’s usually overwatering.)

And some of you are perfectly happy not to bring in a new plant, knowing that it would surely meet it’s untimely demise if left in your care.

So, you guys, those of you with a “brown thumb,” I have found the perfect plants for you!!

Nearly Natural is an online retailer that sells beautiful, and yes, nearly natural looking, faux plants.

They have a wide range of plants to chose from. Everything from small potted succulent sets, to flower bouquets, to the ever popular fiddle leaf fig tree.

Check out how I’ve styled their hanging pothos in my kids bathroom:

And the potted watermelon peperomia on my entryway !

With a wide variety of beautiful faux plants to chose from, there is something for everyone at Nearly Natural !


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