Ready to Eat, No-Mess Frozen Smoothies featuring Sweet Nothings

*full disclosure- Sweet Nothings gifted me these products. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. *

Fellow parents, are you also experiencing the dreaded quarantine fatigue? More specifically, are you running out of ideas for fun and healthy snacks for your kids or the energy to throw them together? We’ve been home for approximately 95947272 days ( lol not really, but it feels that way), and my kids are getting b-o-r-e-d of the same plain old fruits and veggies and smoothies I offer them.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. A hidden treasure if you will.

There is a company called Sweet Nothings that makes kid-sized frozen smoothie cups, and they are SO good! Sweet Nothings is for all ages (their coffee flavor is ah-mazing) but the cups they come in are so cute and colorful and perfect for a kid sized treat! They even come with a tiny plastic spoon under the lid to make the snack experience that much sweeter!

Sweet Nothings was created by a mom who’s seven year old daughter decided one day that she wanted to be vegan. Having a hard time finding yummy snacks that we’re also nutrient dense, Beth Porter developed Sweet Nothings right in her own kitchen!

Sweet Nothings smoothie cups are organic, plant based, and created with just nuts, seeds, and fruits – no extra ingredients or fillers- and are sold online and in stores all across the country! You can use this Sweet Nothings store locator to find these spoonable, no mess frozen smoothies near you!

We have been having them for a snack after breakfast but they’re sweet enough to enjoy for dessert too! My favorites are the Peanut Butter and the Coffee flavors. The kids are partial to the Strawberry and Chocolate, but we love them all and think you will too! Let me know if you give them a try!

Learn more about Sweet Nothings and follow them on Instagram here!


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