Fire Season in California & How You Can Help

*Read through to the bottom for a list of resources as well as my checklist for your fire season go-bag.*

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Every summer seems to be more intense with fire-season arriving earlier each year here in California. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t on edge right now, carefully listening for evac sirens and fully expecting to be told to leave at a moment’s notice.

We’ve got our go-bags packed and ready should anything happen, and I’ve been stirred awake every hour in the middle of the night and rushing to check my windows for fires. Opening up my local incident groups and checking all of the sleeper fires that have popped up. We back up to a wooded area, and right now it’s unsettling- especially knowing Sun-Tues we are expected to have more dry lighting storms.

While I’m just anticipating it, many are actually living this terrifying reality. Fleeing their homes and all their belongings, not knowing if they will have a home to come back to- due to the now 500+ wildfires that ignited across the state when some 10,849 lightning strikes hit California last weekend.

As of tonight- August 21st, over 770,000 acres have burned and tragically 5 lives have been lost.

My heart goes out to the many Californians affected by these wildfires. My friend’s parents just lost their home and everything in it in Santa Cruz- (I’ve linked their gofundme below if you feel called to donate to/share their relief fund info. )

photo source: wordpress

The smoke is blanketing our skies all across the state, and our Firefighters are doing everything they can to keep us safe and attempt to preserve our beloved state. Thank God for them and their selflessness.

Below are some resources if you if you or someone you love is affected, or if you feel called to donate:

I put together this checklist you can print out for your fire season go-bag. There are spaces for you to fill in your own items as well as a notes section for anything you want to make sure you don’t forget.

Save and print this for your go-bag checklist.

Stay Up to Date with the latest Fire News:

Check the Air Quality where you are:

*Be Ready & Prepared:

How to Be Wild Fire Ready:

To donate toward the California Fire Foundation, which provides programs and resources for victims, firefighters and the communities affected by the wildfires :

“The American Red Cross, which is paying to house people in motels this year instead of in traditional shelters due to the pandemic, is calling for cash donations. Its website provides numerous ways to donate.“(source: SacBee)

The Solano Disaster Relief Fund:

The Napa Valley Community Foundation:

The North Valley Community Foundation:

The Community Foundation Santa Cruz:

My friend’s parents lost their home and everything in it, here is their gofund me: Ian & Denby Adamson Fire Relief Fund

If you know of any other local resources for victims or ways to donate, please leave those links in the comments.


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