Free Easter Coloring Pages

3 Free Easter Coloring Pages

Spring is in the air, and with it I’m feeling a fresh surge of creative inspiration! I’ve been drawing like crazy lately and one of my favorite things to doodle is coloring pages for my kids.

Skim through this post to get to my 3 free original Easter coloring page illustrations!

*Printables are my original illustrations and are for personal use only.

Celebrate Spring

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I’m a huge fan of honoring the changing of the seasons & celebrating holidays! Check out my post on Easy, Budget Friendly Ways To Celebrate Spring with Kids for some more inspiration!

We have special family recipes, fun and festive decorations, timeless traditions and my most favorite thing of all is using what we have on hand to execute these things!

Paper crafts have always held a special place in my heart. Ever since my oldest was tiny, we’ve been making crafts with printer paper, construction paper, coffee filters, etc. because they are quick and easy, and I always have it on hand!

Another bonus with paper crafts is that they are so easy to save. We all have that box (or boxes, if you’re like me) for storing our kids’ creations, through the years and paper crafts and coloring pages are by far the easiest to save!

Free Easter Coloring Pages

Since getting my iPad in October, I’ve been drawing non stop! I finally feel like my background in illustration can be put to use again, and I’ve been loving making coloring pages for my kids!

Before my iPad, I would draw pictures out on sharpie for the kids, and if they all wanted something different, they’d of course want what the other had! I still love drawing by hand, pen to paper, but digital drawing has become such a passion of mine that I love sharing with my family and friends!

For example, my sister works with elderly dementia patients, and I sent her these coloring pages. She sent me these photos when they were done and it made my heart so happy!

Easter Egg Coloring Page

I made 3 different Easter designs, and I wanted to specifically offer them with different difficulty levels.

My Easter Bunny is loose and fun and perfect for little kids. The Easter Egg design has a little more detail. Finally the Easter Mandala design is very detailed with small spaces for more advanced coloring.

That’s not to say you couldn’t use any of them at any skill level! On the contrary, I’d love for you to use them all and feel free to express your creativity however it flows!

I’ve added easy links to the bottom of this post. To download, click the link and save from the window that opens!

From there, you can send to your printer at home or have printed at your local print shop ( FedEx, Kinkos, etc. )

I’d love to see what you come up with! Share your posts by tagging me on Instagram @kimilove so I can share them on my stories!

Free Download Easter Egg Coloring Sheet

Free Download Easter Bunny Coloring Sheet

Free Download Easter Mandala Coloring Sheet

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