Hello & Welcome! I’m Kimi – the ADHD overthinker, coffee drinker, kid-at-heart, gluten free foodie…and yes, thought maker & picture taker of this site!

Here you will find me celebrating all the bits of life as a work at home wife and mom of 3 (one plus twins), sharing my passions for mindful living, midsize style, nature & creativity, and expressing my HSP INFJ heart on life and love and everything in between.

A Little More about Me:

I have a deep love and appreciation for nature and the arts (Yep, I’m one of those crazy plant ladies). I believe strongly in kindness, compassion, creativity & gratitude: these are some basic pillars I want to instill in my kids. When I’m not working, chances are I’m researching my latest obsession (I’m a perpetual learner), cooking up something equal parts tasty and healthy, or still in my pj’s crafting &/or having dance parties with my kids in our living room 😉 . I was born and raised in Northern California where I worked as a barista for 5 years, and a commercial artist & letterer for 8. Now I am working from home doing product photography & imaging, and also running my small shop Pine & Paper Trading Co. , and my freelance illustrative design business where I specialize in handlettering, illustration & chalk art and custom design work.

Full Disclosure:

My goal for this blog is, and always has been, to share my heart with you. Whether it be my feelings on motherhood, living with ADHD, endometriosis & asthma or life in general, to my favorite recipes, crafts & products, DIYs, or must-have lists: all opinions and thoughts on this blog are 100% me. Some of these posts may be sponsored ( meaning I was gifted a product/experience or paid to share with you), and that will always be disclosed in the post. While I do share some of these things in partnership with certain brands, I will only share products or services with you that I myself actually use and love. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of these posts and photos, and many products and brands that don’t ever make the cut because I either don’t believe in them, they don’t fit my personal values, or they just aren’t something I feel would benefit you guys. I hope this helps with any questions about the topic of sponsored content, but if you have any other questions, please reach out and ask! I’m always happy to help!