Classic & Simple Christmas Porch Makeover

*full discloure: this porch makeover was in partnership with Green Acres & Rod Works. *

We go all out at Christmas time, even outside. Decorations go up as soon as I can possibly get them up – sometimes even as early as Nov 1st. YEP! I’m one of *those* people. I jokingly refer to myself as “part Elf” for this reason.

Tis the Season for Holiday Magic

While many may not share my same early bird enthusiasm for the holiday of all holidays, I think it’s safe to say that a lot DO appreciate the decorations and they joy they bring!

I had so much fun decorating my porch with Green Acres Nursery & Supply this fall (see my fall porch here) that I decided to partner with them again, as well as with Rod Works Unique Home Decor for my Christmas Front Porch makeover!

Front Porch Before

If you didn’t see that post, I shared a before and after. Check out my porch BEFORE adding the holiday cheer!

Pretty basic stuff. A good spot to sit and sip coffee and enjoy the morning air, plants to add some pops of green, but far from festive!

So, the family and I made a trip down to Rocklin to our local Green Acres, and picked out some things to add just the right amount of Christmas to our space!

Christmas at Green Acres

We love these live trees they carry! Perfect size for porches or small living spaces! And since they’re potted, you can plant in your yard when the season is over and have your own live tree all year long! We got one of the small ones!

So many gorgeous fall & winter flowers! The kids loved looking at all the colors.

They also have a ton of cute decor pieces to chose from! These were some of our favorites!

We ended up taking home a beautiful wreath, a small live tree, a metal “Merry Christmas” sign, and a bag of pine cones.

Christmas at Rod Works

Next up, we went down to Rod Works, a destination for unique home decor! I needed a few things to add some Christmas magic to the porch!

One of our two local locations is relocating so the entire store was discounted for their moving sale. I always love browsing around Rod Works so I cant wait to see where the new location will be!

This was a first time visit for the kids and my husband, but they all loved the selection they had and ooh’d and ahh’d at what they’d found!

So many cute things for the holiday season, but they have things for all year round! My style is timeless decor that incorporates natural elements ( marble, wood, metals ) , and they have so much of it! This place is truly a home decor lover’s dream!

I ended up falling head over heels for a metal “silent night” sign, an antiqued brass jingle bell, a faux pine stem with mini pine cones, and a long strand of wooden decor beads, and I knew exactly how I wanted to use them!

Armed with the plants and pieces we got that day, and a few other pieces I’ve picked up along the way, it was time to add a little Christmas magic to the front porch! Check out how it all came together!

Simple Christmas Front Porch

I added a simple velvet bow to the beautiful pinecone wreath from Green Acres

The metal “Merry Christmas” sign we picked up at Green Acres made its way to our wall medallion!

I’m on the market for a galvanized bucket for my live tree, but I propped it up on a stool I had for a little height, added my plants (also, coincidentally from Green Acres!) to one side, and my trusty garden owl on the other.

The Silent Night sign and Jingle Bell from Rod Works make this spot a perfect little magic moment, and I added tall candles on either side to frame it out.

I love my little live tree from Green Acres so much, and the fact that we can replant it! We opted for the small size since we rent and this isn’t our forever home. This way we can add it to a larger bucket as it grows and eventually plant it in the ground when we do have a place to call our own.

Mini Live Christmas Tree

I carefully wrapped it in the decor beads from Rod Works, some gold bead & ornament garland, and battery operated twinkle lights. It adds the perfect sparkle at night and honestly I think it’s the cutest little thing!

I even topped it with its very own mini gold star!

Another fun and simple DIY was inspired by the bag of pine cones from Green Acres. Originally I was going to simply add them to a basket for the corner by the door, but I thought they needed a little more love.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

The pine cones got to keep their home in the basket, but instead of adding them to the corner, I turned them into a centerpiece for our outdoor coffee table!

I first put my potted plant in the center of the basket, surrounded the plant with the pine cones, and added a simple bow to the front! I put it in a metal serving tray to offset the color of the basket & table, and I love how it turned out!

If this were indoors, I would replace the plant with a pillar candle in a large hurricane vase filled with coarse salt to replicate snow. The possibilities are endless!

The faux pine swag made its way to my beloved salvaged window, got its very own velvet bow, and I also added a jingle bell strand for good measure and more sparkle.

In Conclusion

We are so happy to have partnered with Green Acres and Rod Works for this classic and simple Christmas front porch makeover!

With just a little bit of effort and a whole lot of love, it’s easy to transform any space into one that brings joy and happiness to all who see it! We hope you feel inspired to add a little holiday magic to your home and life today! Happy Holidays!

Mom Life Hack: Machine Washable Rugs featuring Ruggable

*full disclosure: This post is sponsored by Ruggable. All opinions are my own.

Be sure to read to the end for 15% off discount code from Ruggable !

Being a mom of 3 young kids, and 4 fur babies, you can bet this house sees it’s fair share of dust & dirt. I’m sure I must vaccuum at least twice a week, but even so, the area rug in our front room never seemed clean.

Between the dirt the kids drag in, the dust & hair from our pets, and the ware and tear of daily life, it was looking grimy within a couple of weeks of purchasing.

Not only that, but no matter how hard I tried to flatten them, the edges kept curling up and it just looked bad. I knew we needed to try something different.

Curled sides on our old rug.

The kids have a Ruggable rug in their room and we love it so much! Ruggable rugs are machine washable, water resistant, and so easy to clean. After a year with our traditional rug in the living room, and knowing that something needed to change, we decided to make the switch to a Ruggable rug!

Cambria Sapphire rug by Ruggable

We chose the Cambria Sapphire 8×10 rug for our living room. The size is perfect to separate our living area from the rest of the space in the room, and tucks nicely under our sectional couch.

With the help of my husband, we had the old rug rolled up and the new one in place in about 20 minutes.

Watch this video to see how easy Ruggable rugs are to install!

Ruggable rugs are a two part system. They include the nonslip rug pad, which makes them perfect for smooth surfaces like tile or wood flooring, and the rug design cover itself.

The rug covers are low pile, stain resistant, waterproof, and can be thrown right into your washer and dryer for easy cleaning. Yep- even the 8×10 size! I’m telling you it’s a dream come true! You can learn more about the Ruggable care instructions here.

I am so pleased with how easy yet impactful this simple change was for our living room, and just in time for all of the holiday entertaining we will be doing! Now is the perfect time to make the switch or add a brand new Ruggable rug to your home- whether it’s a 3×5, a runner, or an area rug like ours.

Update: It’s been over a year since we got our ruggable and I still love it! I do have one corner that curls in a high traffic area but have found that using a garment steamer I can flatten it back down with ease!

Ruggable has been so generous to give my readers a 15% off discount with the code FUNKIMI15! Find all of their designs and shop Ruggable rugs here .

Affordable and Functional Storage for Kids

*full disclosure: I partnered with Nathan James on this blog post. all opinions are my own.*

When it comes to living small (we have 5 in a 2 bedroom home), the word *storage* makes your heart skip a beat!

Storage is the single most important factor in keeping the home organized and running smoothly. It keeps clutter at bay, and helps keep mama happy. And we all know that when mama is happy, everyone’s happy, right? Right.

Add the word *stylish* to that storage and I go ga-ga. And I found the prettiest most functional cabinet, and had to spill the beans with you. It was just too good to keep it to myself!

I recently received this super stylish mid century style cabinet from Nathan James, and it is PERFECT for my kids’ room. The three of them love knowing that they each have their own cubby AND their own cabinet spot, and I put cute little white buckets in their cabinets to store all their little Knick-knacks (again with the *storage*).

I think it looks great and always am on the lookout for new and stylish storage solutions! It was quick to assemble, and can be purchased from their shop right here for anyone interested!

The Allswell Mattress : A Bed the Whole Family Will Love

Caleb & I had been on the hunt for a new, yet affordable mattress for what felt like years, so when I discovered the new online mattress store, Allswell, I knew I met my perfect match! 

Allswell is a design centric, New York based, female led brand that is rooted in the principle of making a good night’s sleep accessible to everyone! I LOVE that!!

We received the new hybrid mattress , “The Allswell” which combines the best of both foam and coil mattresses and at $245 for a queen, this mattress truly is accessible to all. 

Caleb and I have different feelings when it comes to “ideal firmness” for a mattress- he prefers a more firm bed while I like soft.  We also wanted something cozy enough for all the kids to want to climb into bed and watch movies & snuggle with us (isn’t that the best!?). I feel like this mattress ticks all the boxes for both of us, and I can honestly say I have never had better sleep in my life since we upgraded with The Allswell

It comes to your house rolled, vaccum packed, and in a box, and it’s SO satisfying to watch it inflate before your eyes when you cut open the packaging! Seriously so fun! It’s best to give your mattress a little time to fully inflate (about an hour) before sleeping on it. 

Allswell also has a range of “bedscapes” to choose from! These bedscapes include curated bedding sets- including duvets, sheets, throws, pillows, and throw pillows- to make your room look as if you hired an interior designer! While I already have bedding for my bed, I did choose some pillows and throws that coordinated so beautifully with my own pieces and I love them so much! The throw is such a rich and warm piece (I will link everything down below, but the pieces I chose are from the New American bedscape).

If you are on the market for a new mattress or bedding, I can’t recommend Allswell enough! They are beautiful, breathable, intentionally made, and feel SO luxurious, while being affordable and attainable for the average person. You can find these pieces and more at and 

Thank you Allswell for sponsoring this post and for the mattress of my dreams! And thank you for making affordable BEAUTIFUL as well! 

MATTRESS: The Allswell , king | THROW BLANKET : Charcoal Herringbone Throw | THROW PILLOW : Decorative Rust Velvet Throw Pillow | THROW PILLOW: Textured Cotton Striped Pillow

Top 5 Houseplants for Beginners

*disclaimer: this is a sponsored post. All opinions and views are my own. photos from: *

As the number of house-plants I own increases, so too do the number of messages and emails I get from readers looking to grow their own collections. Now, I am in NO way a professional or a certified expert, but researching and talking plants is one of my favorite pastimes…I mean, I could do it all day long…so I thought what better way to do that then to have somewhat regular posts here on my blog dedicated to plants, gardening, and all things nature related! I know you come to me with questions on this topic for a reason, so lets give you guys what you want! Right?? Right!

I totally geek out over plant life. Maybe its the artist in me, or the reverence for God and His creation in my life. I don’t know…but it’s engraved in my DNA to be captivated by nature. Since as far back as I can remember it has awe’d me completely. I remember sitting on the soccer field during recess as a first grader, and picking those little clover flowers. I’d put them up close to my nose, almost going cross eyed, and look at the teeny tiny veins in the leaves, the structure of the stem, and the way each little rice-shaped petal connected itself to it. Just, blew my mind, and still does! The different varieties of plants, care instructions, soil types, different pots (especially fond of hand thrown ceramic! If you know of some good ones, send the deets my way!), decorating with houseplants, and watching the Q&A Instagram Live videos from The Sill….I want all of it..SO good!

Okay, so here we go! I thought I’d tackle the most asked question first.. “What plant should I start with?” I will give you my personal picks, but please do your research as well! The Sill is a great resource because they’ve got their online plant store organized by categories, and “beginners” is a great place to start! If you sign up for their annual membership Plant Parent Club you also gain exclusive access to online and in person workshops, and free shipping!

Here are my picks, along with a little blurb from The Sill  on each plant. Click each plant name learn more info or to have it shipped straight to your door! Happy shopping!

Top 5 Best Houseplants for Beginners

Air Plant

Plant Care

    • Bright
    • Bright indirect light to full sun.
    • Direct to Indirect
    • Indirect to full sun.
    • Weekly
    • Mist daily, and soak once a week for about 15 minutes in warm water.
    • Normal to High
    • Normal to higher humidity. Mist daily.

Snake Plant

Plant Care

    • Low to Medium to Bright
    • Medium indirect light to full sun. Tolerates low light.
    • Indirect
    • Indirect light to dappled sun preferred. However, can handle full sun quite well.
    • About every 2 weeks
    • Allow potting mix to dry out completely between waterings.
    • Any!
    • Don’t sweat it. Any humidity level will do.


Plant Care

    • Low to Medium
    • Low light to dappled sun. Tolerates low light.
    • Indirect
    • Indirect light to dappled sun. Not suited for intense, direct sun.
    • Weekly
    • Allow potting mix to dry out completely between waterings.
    • Any!
    • Don’t sweat it. Any humidity level will do.


Plant Care

    • Bright
    • Prefers bright direct light.
    • Direct
    • Full sun ideal.
    • About every 2-3 weeks in full sun
    • When soil is completely dry and leaves start to wrinkle.
    • Normal to Dry
    • Think of a desert.


Plant Care

    • Low to Medium to Bright
    • Medium indirect light to dappled sun. Tolerates low light.
    • Indirect
    • Indirect light to dappled sun. Not suited for intense, direct sun.
    • Weekly
    • Allow potting mix to dry out completely between waterings.
    • Any!
    • Don’t sweat it. Any humidity level will do.

Shared Kid’s Room : DIY Polka Dot Wall with Brewster Home

*full disclosure: this is a sponsored post; all opinions and views are my own*

The kids’ shared room has been a dream project in my mind since we moved into our lovely home (which we have so wonderfully been able to rent by my amazing in-laws) back in April.

Here is a BEFORE shot:

We’ve got our 3 year old boy/girl twins and 5 year old all in one perfectly-sized-for-their-ages room. The boys share a bunk bed on one side, with their grey and black plaid bedding, and sissy girl is on the other side. Her bedding situation is up-in-the-air right now ; we were shipped the wrong size & color for her bedding, so I’m currently jumping through hoops to get that returned and get her super cute & girly blush pink bedding. Currently, she’s got her crib bedding and some extra blankets that do the job for now, but I’d like to donate the crib size bedding and get her some that fit her new twin bed.

My vision for their room is to create a space that feels overall gender neutral (since hello, two boys and a girl), but has pops of their own interests and favorite colors when looking further. Since we do have the clear divide of “boys side & girls side” with their bedding, I wanted to tie the two together somehow on their “headboard wall”, or the wall that their beds all share.

Enter : Brewster Home : Wall Pops Polka Dot Wall Decals ! Not only are these little vinyl decals cute as heck, but they’re incredibly easy to apply (my 5 year old even helped, placing the dots that are above his top bunk. He did great, right!?) , removable, and don’t damage the paint underneath in the process!

For this wall I used two packs of the vinyl wall decals and gave them generous space in between. You could get away with using one pack if you wanted the polka dots more sparse, and three packs would give a much more concentrated look. I found two to be the perfect amount for this wall!

I love the way the dots tie everything together and the simple but impactful graphic look they provide! You can purchase them here: Brewster Home .

Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the season of giving, and I believe in shopping small when possible! I’ve rounded up TEN of my favorite goodies for everyone in the family in my first ever Holiday Gift Guide!!

I hope you will find some cute and unique gifts for the ones you love this season; hand made and hand curated with lots of love!Happy Shopping!

1. Bookroo monthly children’s book subscription boxes to get children excited about reading! Use code KIMIGIFT for 25% off Nov 24-27th!

2. The Blueberry Hillmodern & whimsical hats and caps! Use code BF25 for 25% off all week! Sale ends 11/27/17 at midnight.

3. Cuddle & Kindheirloom quality plush friends. Each doll purchase provides 10 meals for children in need! Plus receive two free prints when you purchase two dolls!

4. M is For Monster educational crafts monthly subscription box to make learning fun! Use code bf2017 for 15% off your purchase!

5. Muffin Bub Dolls hand stitched and felted toys for imaginative play! They will be having their final restock of the year this Friday 11/24/17 at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST, so lots of fun Holiday items!


1. Rosalynne Love handlettered hand screenprinted encouraging apparel and drink wares! Use code shopsmall2017 for 20% off Friday 11/24- Monday 11/27.

2.Jane’s Agenda disc bound, six ring, and spiral customized planners! They will be having a Black Friday sale that will run through the weekend, so don’t miss out!

3. Green Cove Collectiveapparel and housewares for the adventurous at heart!

4. Faithboxmonthly subscription box for believers that includes items from shops with a cause! They are offering 50% off of their Christmas Favorite Things Box now through Cyber Monday! They are also offering 50% off of your first month subscription with code BFHC50 on Black Friday!

5.Jessica Wertz handmade pottery & porcelain jewelry. Jessica will be offering 15% off for the holidays, and the code is listed her website.



Happy Holidays, friends! 💚


Gorgeous Floral Prints by Script + Vine

I have been looking for something special to hang over my bed for the longest time…well, since moving into our place in January. We don’t have a head board, so the wall above has been bare, and starved for attention.
I have a hard time committing to anything for our home that I don’t love. I’d see pieces that were ‘okay’, and then go to purchase and quickly back out…realizing that if I changed my mind I would be stuck with it. Sounds dramatic, but that’s me haha!
You all know my history as an illustrator by now, and if you take away one thing about me from a quick glance at my Instagram feed, it’s that I LOVE florals, botanicals, and overall anything having to do with nature. I’m an earth baby through and through…so when I saw these beautifully simple & timeless floral illustrations by Genevieve Ali at Script + Vine , I was immediately smitten!!
I wanted to do a little feature on Genevieve, so you could get to know her as I’ve had the pleasure of doing over the past month or so. I asked her a few questions about herself and the heart behind her pieces:
About Genevieve:

I’m Genevieve Ali, the lady behind Script + Vine. I’m an artist and brand designer who’s still convinced her letter from Hogwarts got lost in the mail.
Most days you’ll find me working in a grandpa sweater and leggings in my home studio, putting pen to paper or mouse to screen. Most nights you’ll find me lamenting how I forgot to plan dinner or questioning my decision to spend so much time lifting heavy weights and putting them back down.
About the pieces:

Script + Vine was born out of a love for art coupled with a deep connection to nature. Combining my interests in paper, stationery, and home decor, I create minimal, understated work from hand-drawn illustrations and quality specialty materials.

Each piece goes through my hands every step of the way: design, production, and packaging all happen from my home studio in Maryland, USA. Through my art pieces, I seek to elevate homes, studios, and offices with nature-inspired illustrations. Through my stationery, I seek to add a touch of elegance and magic to everyday communications.

About the prints:

All art prints are created from original drawings by me, Genevieve Ali. Each piece is drawn by hand in pencil and then in pen and ink, scanned into the computer, and then digitized for reproduction. I think there’s something magical about the way line drawings—so deceptively simple—can display such movement.

To me, these flowers are in conversation with one another, dancing on their stems. Each art piece is printed on recycled, 100% natural white cotton paper with archival black ink. Under the drawing of each floral is its Latin scientific name, a detail inspired by vintage botanical illustrations.

I am seriously head over heels for her work, and so grateful to have them hanging over my bed.

Genevieve has been so gracious to share a code for all of my readers:

Use code KIMILOVE for 15% off all purchases! 

You can shop her Genevieve’s art and services at Script + Vine , and find her on Instagram here.

An Easy Way to Deck the Halls

A great way to “deck the halls” on a budget is to grab several different styles of these floral stems and pair them together in a neutral vase/glass/jar/pitcher you already have!

For this piece, I chose some “snow” frosted pine cones, some greenery, and of course some glitter , and added to this vintage wash basin set my other mom(I hate the word step) had sitting near the stairs! For $1-$3 per stem, it’s an affordable and effective way to bring some simple holiday flare to your home.

Also, I know what you’re thinking- it’s not even Thanksgiving yet…but we LOVE Christmas in this house.

Check out these other pics for all the ways we’ve used this method this year! While the price point of these stems was a few dollars higher, the concept is still the same, and we used everyday vases, proving that even if you spend a little more, the piece is still budget friendly and super impactful!

Which one is your favorite? While I love them all, I’m personally a sucker for gold and natural elements, so my soft spot is for the first example!

I’d love for you to share some of your favorite budget friendly holiday tips in the comments below!