One for Everybody : Happy Card Gift Cards

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re still searching for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life (or in need of a little me time of your own), Happy Cards are here to save the day!

I tend to take forever looking for *the* perfect gift, and end up with little to no time left to actually buy said gift. Anyone with me on that? 😆 So when I found out about Happy Cards, I was thrilled to partner with them on a giveaway (head to my Instagram to enter!)

Happy Cards are brand-bundled gift cards that help to pair the recipient with brands they love, giving them more choices on where and how to spend it! These are a great alternative to cash because personally, when I’m given cash or a non specific gift card, while estremely grateful for it, I tend to put it straight to bills or necessities and not necessarily on myself- so this would give someone like me some ACTUAL me time, and actual options. How perfect? Let me give you a couple of examples:

The Happy Eats gift card gives them food and fun by offering the recipient several restaurants to choose from.

Have a beauty lover in your life? The Happy Beauty gives choices between beauty stores, a spa day, or some gym time.

There’s a Happy Student card with dining, clothing, and tech options.

Or how about offering the men in your life a Happy Guy card with options from Home Depot, Auto Zone, and some food choices?

Whoever you’re shopping for (hey, or even if it’s for yourself 😉), there is a Happy Card for everyone! Learn more about these awesome gift cards here , and don’t forget to head over to my Instagram to enter to win a Happy Her card of your own!


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