Free Easter Coloring Pages

3 Free Easter Coloring Pages

Spring is in the air, and with it I’m feeling a fresh surge of creative inspiration! I’ve been drawing like crazy lately and one of my favorite things to doodle is coloring pages for my kids.

Skim through this post to get to my 3 free original Easter coloring page illustrations!

*Printables are my original illustrations and are for personal use only.

Celebrate Spring

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I’m a huge fan of honoring the changing of the seasons & celebrating holidays! Check out my post on Easy, Budget Friendly Ways To Celebrate Spring with Kids for some more inspiration!

We have special family recipes, fun and festive decorations, timeless traditions and my most favorite thing of all is using what we have on hand to execute these things!

Paper crafts have always held a special place in my heart. Ever since my oldest was tiny, we’ve been making crafts with printer paper, construction paper, coffee filters, etc. because they are quick and easy, and I always have it on hand!

Another bonus with paper crafts is that they are so easy to save. We all have that box (or boxes, if you’re like me) for storing our kids’ creations, through the years and paper crafts and coloring pages are by far the easiest to save!

Free Easter Coloring Pages

Since getting my iPad in October, I’ve been drawing non stop! I finally feel like my background in illustration can be put to use again, and I’ve been loving making coloring pages for my kids!

Before my iPad, I would draw pictures out on sharpie for the kids, and if they all wanted something different, they’d of course want what the other had! I still love drawing by hand, pen to paper, but digital drawing has become such a passion of mine that I love sharing with my family and friends!

For example, my sister works with elderly dementia patients, and I sent her these coloring pages. She sent me these photos when they were done and it made my heart so happy!

Easter Egg Coloring Page

I made 3 different Easter designs, and I wanted to specifically offer them with different difficulty levels.

My Easter Bunny is loose and fun and perfect for little kids. The Easter Egg design has a little more detail. Finally the Easter Mandala design is very detailed with small spaces for more advanced coloring.

That’s not to say you couldn’t use any of them at any skill level! On the contrary, I’d love for you to use them all and feel free to express your creativity however it flows!

I’ve added easy links to the bottom of this post. To download, click the link and save from the window that opens!

From there, you can send to your printer at home or have printed at your local print shop ( FedEx, Kinkos, etc. )

I’d love to see what you come up with! Share your posts by tagging me on Instagram @kimilove so I can share them on my stories!

Free Download Easter Egg Coloring Sheet

Free Download Easter Bunny Coloring Sheet

Free Download Easter Mandala Coloring Sheet

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How to Throw a Stuffed Animal Birthday Party

If you’re having a hard time dealing with canceled plans and quarentine life and want something to look forward to, something as easy as boxed cupcakes, a kid friendly grazing tray with what’s on hand, and homemade party hats is a fun and easy option!

Meet Napoleon

See that little guy in the green hat? That’s Napoleon (named after one of the doggos from The Aristocats) and we threw him a stuffed animal birthday party.

I started working at Teddy Crafters, which was like Build a Bear, my senior year of high school, and he was the first plush I ever made for myself. Something about that scruffy fur and his droopy brow made me fall instantly in love with him! Napoleon has been through a lot with me – break ups, graduations, moves, marriage, our first house, 3 kids, and everything in between.

Why a Stuffed Animal Birthday Party?

I wanted to do something fun and unexpected to lift my family’s spirits. Why? To break up the quarentine-routine. For my anxious brain to have even a tiny excape from all of the the heaviness it’s been processing. Because we’ve been home since March 2020 due to my oldest and I both having asthma. We are taking all precautions when having masked / distances porch visits with family. We miss people. We miss parties. We miss so much. I wanted to surprise the kids by doing something completely unexpected, and Napoleon’s birthday party was just what the doctor ordered.

Since playgrounds and play dates and all the like are off limits and shut down, I thought what better way to have fun than throw a birthday party! I decided it was his 15th birthday (since that’s how long he’d been with me), and it was a perfect excuse to throw a party!

Stuffed Animal Birthday Party Details

The Guestlist: Every party needs guests! Along with the kids, each of them brought a “plus one” guest aka their favorite stuffed animal! You could go all out here and invite every stuffed animal in the house, or keep it simple with just the plush-guest of honor plus your family members.

Party Hats and Decorations: I’m a big fan of construction paper and paper crafts. You can whip up just about anything with some paper, glue, and a little creativity.

We used construction paper cut into circles, and formed into cones. Attach the open ends with tape and tie a string at the bottom! We made a rule that each guest in attendance, whether human or plush, must wear a hat!

You can also cut different color paper into triangles and make a bunting banner, make place mats and place cards, or anything else you can think of! It all depends on how much time you feel like dedicating to party set-up. Ultimately the choice is yours! It’s so fun to get the kids involved for all of this and they really enjoy being part of each step.

Music: Find a birthday party playlist on your favorite streaming station and pump those jams. We love the “Kid’s Birthday Party” playlists on Pandora & YouTube.

Party Food: You can go so many directions with this, and everyone has their preference. For this, we decided to keep it simple and use what we had on hand, along with some boxed cake mix.

I made a kid friendly grazing board, filled with fruits and veggies, cheese, salami, and little smokies. We served some of the smokies in a bowl, and some as “pigs in a blanket”. We already had everything on hand for this so definitely try to make the best with what you have of that’s your style too! You can make anything look more exciting by serving it on a cutting board! 😉

Sweet Treats: What’s a birthday party without cake…or in our case, cupcakes? I went with our go-to for kids parties: funfetti with rainbow chip frosting. Lucky for me, the funfetti mix comes in a gluten free option now as well!

An Easy and Memorable Party for the Kids (and maybe you too!)

And there you have it! Stuffed Animal Birthday parties are a fun and unexpected way to lift everyone’s spirits, not just during lockdowns, but anytime! Additionally, you could use this post as a sort of blue print for a stuffed animal THEMED birthday party for your kiddo! Just think, each of your child’s friends can bring their favorite stuffed animal along to the party! The sky’s the limit with creativity! If you throw a party for your plush pals, please share in the comments or tag me on social media ( @kimilove ) . I’d love to see what you come up with!

Here’s to coping, and making magic out of the ordinary.

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Gluten Free Bread Cubes

* Keep reading to the bottom for my easy Gluten Free Bread cubes recipe. *

The holiday season is here and I’m starting all of my prep work. There are endless sides and countless combinations to feast your way through the holidays, but my favorite side has always been the stuffing.

Gluten Free Swaps

If you’ve been here a while, you’ll know that I’m strictly gluten free (celiac), and one thing that makes me insanely happy is adapting my favorite foods to gluten free. Stuffing is no exception!

You can make any recipe gluten free with a little know how and some easy swaps. For stuffing, the swap is pretty easy! Instead of using conventional pre-bagged bread cubes , we make our own by cubing a loaf of gluten free bread and baking it with olive oil and seasonings.

It’s Easier Than It Sounds

I know that sounds a bit intimidating. After all, where are you supposed to buy gluten free bread cubes? Thats where I come in! Don’t worry, it’s insanely easy to make your own! Check out my super simple recipe and add it to your favorite stuffing recipe! *BONUS POINTS* for this recipe because it also doubles as gluten free croutons!

Gluten Free Bread Cubes

Gluten Free Bread Cubes

servings: 6
preptime: 10 minutes
cooktime: 20 minutes
difficulty: easy

This easy recipe for Gluten Free Bread Cubes makes a great swap for stuffing recipes! Add 5 minutes of cooktime to make croutons!


  • 1 Loaf Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free 7-Grain Bread , cubed
  • 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp pepper
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp dried oregano


  1. Preheat oven to 350° and lay your bread cubes in an even single layer on a large baking sheet
  2. 2. Drizzle bread cubes with olive oil, and season evenly with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and oregano.

    3. Toss to coat all cubes in olive oil and seasoning. Then, lay your cubes flat across the baking sheet again.

    4. Place the baking sheet in the preheated oven for 15-20 minutes (depending on desired doneness), checking / flipping halfway.

    5. When bread cubes are golden brown, remove from oven and allow to cool on the baking sheet. Enjoy!

A few tips:

Tips & Tricks

• For added aromatics, cut up a few garlic cloves and place on the pan with the croutons. Drizzle with olive oil and place them between the bread and cook together!

• You can dry your cubes out further to use as croutons by adding 2 minutes at a time to your cook time. Check and toss in two minute intervals.

• I like to add fresh herbs after cooking to use in my stuffing recipe. Try adding 1/4 cup of chopped fresh parsley for added freshness!

• These are best made the day before you need them, allowing them to air dry properly before eating. I leave uncovered on my countertop overnight and then store extras in an air right container up to a week.

5 Things To Do With Your Kids At Home This Holiday Season

An At-Home Holiday Season

We will be one of many families staying home this Holiday Season. A time of year we typically spend bustling around and traveling to ultimately spend time gathering with loved ones, becomes a low key season at home with just the 5 of us.

It may be different than what we’re used to, but this year has taught us a thing or two in being flexible. Just like our candy hunt in lieu of trick or treating on Halloween, we’ll be filling our days with other kinds of activities and making new traditions.

I’ve been brainstorming this week on how we have still been making this time fun for the family, and came up with 5 things we have done or hope to do this year!

5 Things To Do With Your Kids This Winter

Keep reading for a breakdown of these 5 things you can do with your kids this winter !

1. Make Homemade Decorations and Crafts

2. Bake Up Some Fun

3. Family Movie Night but make it Holiday Style

4. Learn about Traditions Around the World

5. Help The Community

Make Decorations and Holiday Crafts

I’ve always been a creative person and making seasonal crafts is one of my favorite things to do! Getting to share the fun with my kids and watching their creativity blossom is such a joy! Try making a traditional dried orange garland (tutorial coming soon!), handmade holiday cards, or salt dough ornaments for your tree! You can even add some magic to snack time by making holiday themed arrangements with their snacks (who says we can’t play with our food!?) The options are endless with handmade!

We made these holiday cards using carved potatos to create stamps!
Felt Pom Poms in any color make a great decoration! I’ve collected many colors over the years, and love dreaming up new combinations!
Simple snacks become adorable snowmen! What designs can you make for the holidays?

Bake Up Some Fun

Get the kids in the kitchen and teach them some recipes this holiday season! Do you have a favorite recipe that has been passed down through the generations? Have you been wanting to try some cookie recipes you’ve pinned on Pinterest? Now is the perfect time to do it and make some new memories and traditions in the meantime. My Gluten Free Italian Christmas Cookies are a hit in our house and my Gluten Free Snowballs Recipe and Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookies are coming soon!

Family Movie Night … But Make it Holiday

Like many families, we have dubbed Fridays our “Family Movie Night”. Every Friday for the past few years, we’ve taken turns choosing a movie to end the day with, ordered pizza from our favorite local restaurant, and cuddled up as a family – no phones, no video games, just quality time.

We’ve turned this into a Christmas Movie Night for the month of December and you can too! All we do differently is to limit our movie options to Christmas movies, and have hot coco after pizza! We usually turn on our electric fireplace and have the Christmas tree lit up for an extra cozy feel, and sometimes we’ll turn the kids’ room into a fort and watch on a laptop.

Learn About Traditions Around The World

With the world at our fingertips these days, it’s never been more simple to find the information we seek. Being home for extended periods of time (since March for us), it can be easy to feel isolated and alone. Why not exercise your sense of wonder and nurture feelings of connection by learning about Holidays around the world?

I believe it’s so important to teach our kids that everyone has different traditions and cultures and that they make the world a beautiful, dynamic, and rich place! Do some Google research, look up YouTube videos, and even have a go at some crafts and recipes from around the world this season!

Help The Community

If you follow me on Instagram it’s apparent that I love my small town. With more people struggling in the country than ever, there is a massive need for support within the community (there is always a need, but now more than ever). There are tons of ways to help, whether from home or in person (while being socially responsible of course!)

A couple options could be gathering things around your home for donations. You could donate warm clothes and coats, shoes in good repair, and gently used toys. My kids love finding things they can donate to other kids that will love them! You could grab a meal from a local restaurant, necessities from a neighborhood grocer or market. You can head to small businesses in the community instead of big box stores. If you are in a place to do so, you can even adopt a family to buy gifts for this Christmas. Find your community’s website or social pages and look for ways you can help in your community!

Auburn Locals, here are just a few resources for ways you can help:

Check out my post How to Support Auburn, CA businesses during the pandemic .

Pay It Forward Auburn Facebook Group is always posting community needs and ways to help, like the Annual Toy Drive

You can help the Placer Food Bank in their fight against hunger in the community.

You can donate to or adopt a family through Kids First

These are just a few ways you can help the community this season!

Home For the Holidays

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And there you have it! As you can see, there are many ways to still make this at-home holiday season a special one. I hope this post inspires hope and creativity for your and yours.

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Fair Isle Favorites for the Whole Family

*full disclosure- This post uses affiliate links, meaning I may receive a small amount from the brand if you purchase through my link. Using my links doesn’t cost you anything, but it helps me to keep creating the content you love! Learn more under the disclosures heading here.

Keep reading to shop my Fair Isle Favorites!

Winter Weather = Winter Style

The weather here in Northern California is finally crisp and rainy. We’ve put up our Christmas decorations, started watching our favorite Holiday movies, and cozy season is in full swing!

With the magic of the season in the air, it got me thinking about Holiday fashion. It seems that different trends come and go each year (as they do), but regardless of trend and whim, one design always has always had my heart.

About Fair Isle Designs

Call me old fashioned, but I’ve always been a sucker for all-things Fair Isle. This familiar-to-all traditional design style is named after one of the Shetland Islands. It gained popularity in the early 1920’s thanks to the Prince of Whales wearing his sweaters in public. While many different manufacturers nowadays use the term Fair Isle, the original Fair Isle knitting designs traditionally are multicolored and use a star motif.

Fair Isle Favorites

I’ve scoured the web and rounded up some of my Fair Isle Favorites for the whole family!

Each photo is shopable with a link (click to shop/browse). Enjoy! :

Womens  Beige Fair Isle Sweater with Blue and Red Diamond Design
Cream Women’s fair isle mittens
Lodge Fair isle Pom Pom throw blanket with reindeer motif
Fair Isle Pet outfit winter dog
Womens Fair Isle Drawstring Lounge bottoms white navy red
Womens Fair Isle muk Luks knit scuff slide slippers
Men’s Classic Fair Isle Wool Henley Sweater
Infant Red White Fair isle Playsuit onesie

Fire Season in California & How You Can Help

*Read through to the bottom for a list of resources as well as my checklist for your fire season go-bag.*

photo source: wordpress

Every summer seems to be more intense with fire-season arriving earlier each year here in California. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t on edge right now, carefully listening for evac sirens and fully expecting to be told to leave at a moment’s notice.

We’ve got our go-bags packed and ready should anything happen, and I’ve been stirred awake every hour in the middle of the night and rushing to check my windows for fires. Opening up my local incident groups and checking all of the sleeper fires that have popped up. We back up to a wooded area, and right now it’s unsettling- especially knowing Sun-Tues we are expected to have more dry lighting storms.

While I’m just anticipating it, many are actually living this terrifying reality. Fleeing their homes and all their belongings, not knowing if they will have a home to come back to- due to the now 500+ wildfires that ignited across the state when some 10,849 lightning strikes hit California last weekend.

As of tonight- August 21st, over 770,000 acres have burned and tragically 5 lives have been lost.

My heart goes out to the many Californians affected by these wildfires. My friend’s parents just lost their home and everything in it in Santa Cruz- (I’ve linked their gofundme below if you feel called to donate to/share their relief fund info. )

photo source: wordpress

The smoke is blanketing our skies all across the state, and our Firefighters are doing everything they can to keep us safe and attempt to preserve our beloved state. Thank God for them and their selflessness.

Below are some resources if you if you or someone you love is affected, or if you feel called to donate:

I put together this checklist you can print out for your fire season go-bag. There are spaces for you to fill in your own items as well as a notes section for anything you want to make sure you don’t forget.

Save and print this for your go-bag checklist.

Stay Up to Date with the latest Fire News:

Check the Air Quality where you are:

*Be Ready & Prepared:

How to Be Wild Fire Ready:

To donate toward the California Fire Foundation, which provides programs and resources for victims, firefighters and the communities affected by the wildfires :

“The American Red Cross, which is paying to house people in motels this year instead of in traditional shelters due to the pandemic, is calling for cash donations. Its website provides numerous ways to donate.“(source: SacBee)

The Solano Disaster Relief Fund:

The Napa Valley Community Foundation:

The North Valley Community Foundation:

The Community Foundation Santa Cruz:

My friend’s parents lost their home and everything in it, here is their gofund me: Ian & Denby Adamson Fire Relief Fund

If you know of any other local resources for victims or ways to donate, please leave those links in the comments.

Ready to Eat, No-Mess Frozen Smoothies featuring Sweet Nothings

*full disclosure- Sweet Nothings gifted me these products. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. *

Fellow parents, are you also experiencing the dreaded quarantine fatigue? More specifically, are you running out of ideas for fun and healthy snacks for your kids or the energy to throw them together? We’ve been home for approximately 95947272 days ( lol not really, but it feels that way), and my kids are getting b-o-r-e-d of the same plain old fruits and veggies and smoothies I offer them.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. A hidden treasure if you will.

There is a company called Sweet Nothings that makes kid-sized frozen smoothie cups, and they are SO good! Sweet Nothings is for all ages (their coffee flavor is ah-mazing) but the cups they come in are so cute and colorful and perfect for a kid sized treat! They even come with a tiny plastic spoon under the lid to make the snack experience that much sweeter!

Sweet Nothings was created by a mom who’s seven year old daughter decided one day that she wanted to be vegan. Having a hard time finding yummy snacks that we’re also nutrient dense, Beth Porter developed Sweet Nothings right in her own kitchen!

Sweet Nothings smoothie cups are organic, plant based, and created with just nuts, seeds, and fruits – no extra ingredients or fillers- and are sold online and in stores all across the country! You can use this Sweet Nothings store locator to find these spoonable, no mess frozen smoothies near you!

We have been having them for a snack after breakfast but they’re sweet enough to enjoy for dessert too! My favorites are the Peanut Butter and the Coffee flavors. The kids are partial to the Strawberry and Chocolate, but we love them all and think you will too! Let me know if you give them a try!

Learn more about Sweet Nothings and follow them on Instagram here!

Disneyland Magic at Home And DIY Dole Whip Recipe

Create some Disneyland magic right at home, plus recpies for a DIY Dole Whip, Tigger Tails and more!

Where are my fellow DisNerds ?! It’s no secret that I LOVE all things Disney. As far as fandoms go- my biggest is Disney, hands down.

From growing up on the movies and shows and forcing my mom to start calling me Ariel at age 3, to visiting Disneyland almost yearly since I was 5, getting engaged there, and my obsession with Disney Trivia, Funko Pops and golden era animation – it’s just part of who I am, and I’m so happy that my kids now share in the love of all things Disney!

Many of you mamas are the same way, which is why I’m so excited to share this post with you! Be sure to read through for the DIY Dole Whip recipe!

We were fortunate enough to make it to Disneyland less than a week before the Coronavirus outbreak made it to California shut the park down (thank you again to my amazing Mom for taking us!! I’ll be posting more in detail on our trip soon, lots to share!) It was the twins’ first visit and they’ve talked about it non stop since we got back.

Being home with nowhere to go during lockdown, I wanted to do something extra special and fun for the kids, so I planned a Disney day for us! Check out the rest of this post for ideas on how to have your own Disney day at home!

Disneyland at Home

When the kids woke up, I told them all about our special day! First I asked them if they’d like to pick out a character to dress up as!

Now, they have a TON of Disney character costumes, but I wanted to have them use their imaginations and do a Disney Bound (using their own clothes to create a Disney character inspired look) instead. I think they did pretty great!

Easy DIY Mickey and Minnie Disney Costumes

The boys both picked “classic Mickey”, as they call him, and put together matching outfits! My oldest even had the brilliant idea to cut out little yellow ovals for their shorts which we taped on (so cute and creative of him, right!?).

Sis picked Minnie, of course, and used her cute polka dot pink dress and her pink sequin Minnie ears to get her perfect look! She has a plush Minnie with the same outfit so she thought it was REALLY cool getting to match her favorite toy!

Disneyland Park Music at Home

Next, we turned to our best gal Alexa to set the mood! There are a couple ways to enjoy Disney inspired sounds at home!

Our first, and most used option, is to say:

“Alexa, play Disney Hits music!” – This brings you to the Disney Hits station and plays all of your favorite songs from Disney movies like “I’ve Got a Dream” from Tangled, “I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jungle Book, “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan and so many more!

Second, which we loved using leading up to our Disneyland visit, you can say:

“Alexa, play Disneyland music!” – With this option, you will get to hear music played in Disneyland and on the rides! I really enjoy listening to Walt’s famous dedication speech: “To all who come to this happy place, welcome.” It makes me a little misty every time! This option also brings you music from Main Street, the Enchanted Tiki Room and more!

Last but not least is this hidden gem, which I wish I would’ve known about sooner! Sounds of Disneyland was shared in a Disneyland Addicts Facebook group in in and O…M….G! This website is amazing! You can listen to every single song from the parks! Rides, outdoor music, all of it. Just click on the little music note with lines icon to see all of the different sections! (See below) Check it out, you won’t be sorry: Sounds of Disneyland

Ride Disneyland Rides … Virtually

If you’re missing the rides at Disneyland as much as us, have no fear! There are all kinds of YouTubers who have recorded them for us to enjoy virtually! Grab a cozy seat in front of your TV or laptop and enjoy these POV (point of view) ride throughs!

You can even line your kiddos up in a laundry hamper and move them side to side and make the bumps along with the turns in the video! We did this when ours were smaller but now we enjoy raising our arms and leaning back and forth as if we’re actually there. Don’t knock it till you try it!

Some of our favorite ride channels include:

The Coaster Views

SoCal Attractions 360

Theme Park HD

AND, here’s a BONUS video… If you grew up in the 90s like me, don’t forget to end your YouTube session with the classic Disneyland Sing Along video! Does this bring back any memories for you!? We watched this before every single trip, and now I get to share that magic with my kids! It’s so fun!

Disneyland Food and DIY Dole Whip Recipe

One thing I look forward to the most at Disneyland is the food! We all have our favorites, right? Before being diagnosed with Celiac, my ultimate Disneyland foods were their churros and the famous Monte Cristo from the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square!

Word on the street (or… in the Disneyland fandom groups I’m in on Facebook)…Tio Pepe’s makes the churros Disneyland uses, and they can be purchased in bulk at Costco. Don’t quote me on that, but it’s good to know you can find some pre-made yummy churros for your Disneyland day!

I’ve also always been a huge fan of Dole Whip! We always stop and grab a cup of that sweet pineappley goodness before the Tiki Room and eat while we enjoy the show!

While Dole Whip has always been near the top of my list since long before my gluten free days, I definitely have a new found appreciation for it as it’s something I know i can safely eat… so, we sought out a way to make it at home!

Lucky for us, Dole has a recipe for the DIY Dole Whip Recipe right on their website! You can find that recipe here or save this picture to your photos!

DIY Tigger Tails Recipe

You’ll Need:

6 Lollipop Sticks

1 Bag Jumbo Marshmallows

1 Bag Kraft Caramel Bits

1 Tbsp Heavy Cream

1 Bag White Chocolate Wafer Melts

1 Bag Chocolate Wafter Melts

1/2 tsp Orange Extract

1.Place 3-4 Jumbo Marshmallows sideways on each lollipop stick

2.In a large glass bowl, melt caramel bits in your microwave or over a double boiler according to directions on bag, stir in heavy cream

3.While caramel is warm but not hot, dip marshmallow skewers to coat. Place on a parchment covered cookie sheet to set (about 10 minutes)

4.When caramel has set, melt white chocolate wafers according to directions and stir in orange extract and a few drops of orange food coloring until you reach desired color. Dip skewers to coat and place back on parchment covered cookie sheet to set.

5.Melt your chocolate wafers and using a spoon or a piping bag, add your Tigger Tail stripes!

*optional: • add a splash of vanilla to caramel. • set caramel dipped marshmallow skewers in fridge before dipping in melted white chocolate. • dip Tigger Tails in their signature orange sanding sugar after white chocolate and before chocolate stripes.

Recipes from Disney

Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, Disney has also released a couple of their famous recipes for us to whip up at home!

Check out these recipes for:

Disney Parks Churro Bites

Mickey Mouse-shaped Beignets

Enjoy the Disney Magic and New Memories

While this certainly can’t replace a trip to Disneyland, it is a special way to add some Disney Magic at home during this crazy time.

With just a little bit of planning, and a whole lot of love, you too can enjoy a special Disneyland at Home day!

I hope these tips were helpful! Please let me know if your family has any fun Disneyland at home traditions I didn’t mention, or if this post has inspired you to do your own special Disney day!

And above everything, I hope you’re all staying safe and well with your families. Sending all my love 💚.

Auburn, California : How to Support Small Businesses During a Pandemic

*I got the idea to create this post from my friend Ashley’s post : Support Sacramento Area Businesses from Home . Sacramento locals, be sure to head over there for a list of Sacramento small businesses. *

By now we’re all feeling the effects of the COVID 19 outbreak. Even if you’re not sick with it, or know somebody who is, chances are your child’s school, or your workplace have been shut down. If not that, you’re most likely one of the brave humans on the frontlines in hospitals, grocery stores, or driving trucks.

I’ll take it a step further and say- if not that, you’ve most likely had a hard time finding even the basic things you need on your grocery list, or your business is still operating because your family has no other choice right now. My point is, this is a global issue, history in the making, and not a single one of us has been spared.

Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve seen in my small town is the way this has affected our small businesses. I’m lucky enough to live in Auburn, California – endurance capital of the world, and I know that if we all pull together to support these small business during this trying time, we will, indeed, endure.

Below is a list of small businesses I’ve put together over the last few days. I put out a comment on our community Facebook group asking for any small businesses that have been (and will be) affected to chime in , and let us all know how we can help them through this. The response was overwhelming, and heartbreaking, and it’s taken me several day’s to put this post together.

Please know this post is truly a labor of love for my beautiful town. If there was ever a time to come together to support local business, it’s now. Additionally, if you’re in Auburn or the surrounding Placer County cities and would like to be added, please DM me on Instagram or email me through my contact page. Feel free to share this post so we can help as many people as we can. Thank you!

Healthy Habit Organic Eatery – offering To-Go, Curbside Pickups & Gift Cards

Hannah Bell Photography – currently booking, offering gift cards to be redeemed at a later date

Wild Little Fishfresh seafood, offering delivery to those who can’t make it out

Sandalwood House for Cooksthe local kitchen store, is offering delivery, pick up, and virtual shopping assistant via video conferencing by appointment

Maki Airheating & air, electrical service, installation and more.

Happy Wok offering to go, delivery, online order and gift cards.

Szechuan Restaurant – offering to go, delivery, online order, and gift cards.

Jackie Plus Jay Photography – wedding & portrait photography, offering gift cards to be redeemed at a later date

One 11 Kitchen & Bar offering to go, curb side, & pick up services, as well as gift cards

Crane Heating & Cooling commercial & residential heating and air.

Bear Print Industries – screen printing, embroidery, promotional, graphic design, business cards

Desirae Marie Photography lifestyle & portrait photography. Offering 15% off to customers buying gift cards to redeem at a later date

Brigitte’s Serenity Studio – serenity store & meditation studio

Studio Beholistic sound therapy and yoga center

Utopia Body Piercing & Utopia Tattoo – closed, both offering gift cards to be redeemed at a later date

Zhush Modern – boutique apparel, jewelry and decor. temporarily closed, offering online shopping and gift cards

A Healing Touch -Therapeutic Massage, accepting new clients, gift cards available

Wilson Property Services – (530) 457- 5459 – yard services, landscaping & maintenance, junk hauling, and more.

Auburn Trophies trophies, awards, custom engravings, gifts and more.

Loved Again Children’s Boutique – new and previously loved children’s clothes, toys and more. temporarily closed, offering curbside pick up, shop their Instagram (linked).

Missions Coffeeoffering drive thru, delivery through Food Jets , and gift cards in any denomination

Pro Gutter Guy – gutter and leaf cleaning services

Nauyok’s Landscape & More – Landscaping to handyman work. Offers discounts to seniors, first responders, and military.

Roger’s Automotive & The Master Technicians – offering early drop off and late night pick up, as well as picking up and dropping off your vehicle from your home

Pizza Express – offering curbside pick up, take & bake pizzas, to go orders, and delivery to Auburn & Rocklin

Gina Marie’s Custom Desserts – offering to go orders and curbside pick up.

Little Angels Childcare- Melinda Brown ( , #313611324 ), offering childcare off Bell Rd.31 years experience, meals included, lots of room for new kiddos.

Auburn Alehouse – open for business, offering curb side pickup and to go orders

Soul Shine Boutique – boutique apparel & gift shop, online shopping is available, currently offering free shipping.

Ann Keen Photography – local photographer, offering prints and gift cards to be redeemed at a later date

Artistic Edge Salon & Spaopen & accepting clients, taking precautions to keep clients safe

Revive Studio – permanent cosmetics, offering

El Agave Taqueria – offering gift cards,
buy one for $20 will be worth $25, $50 will be worth $65, and $100 will be worth $125.

Painted Arrow Day Spatemporarily closed, offering gift cards and booking for future dates.

Mattress by Appointment showroom appointment only, products online as well.

Alta Vista Dentalfollows strict cleanliness protocols & guidelines, offering $79 new patients exams.

Rocklin Glass & Mirror – open for business

Auburn Book Nook – independent bookstore, open for business

A Sewer Guy Plumbing – open for business

Lincoln Music – offering Face Time music lessons, also open for business and practicing social distancing and maintaining strict sanitizing schedule

Golden State Pressure Washing – commercial & residential pressure washing and concrete steam cleaning

Vina Castellano Winery – offering free wine delivery within 20 miles

Old Town Grill – open for business, offering take out & to go menu

Restorative Recovery Center – small long term intensive outpatient and sober living. Will be open to new patients in the coming weeks.

Drake’s European Auto Service – auto repair shop, open for business

Auburn Gymnastics – gymnastics center, temporarily closed, offering free instruction on social media for kids at home.

Alesci’s Barber Shop – update: closed until April 3rd

Paul the Tree Climber – arborist offering tree services, specializing in pruning and tree removal

Crimson Tattoo – open for business, following strict precautions ( see Facebook for details)

David’s Plumbing – (530) 852-2054 , plumbing services

R & S Handyman Service – (530) 613-6018 handyman services, journeyman electrical certified.

ATown Bikesbike shop, open for business, following strict disinfecting protocols

Blades & Arches – brow studio offering microblading and aesthetics services. Open for business, one client at a time.

Rebel Wrapt – handmade jewelry, shop online

Trew Pump Service – well and irrigation services, open for business

Anything Trees – all tree related services, free estimates

Placer Wine Trail & Lone Buffalo Vineyards – open for purchases (no tasting experiences)

North Fork Chai – temporarily closed, offering online gift cards

Old Town Pizza – dine in closed, offering pick up and delivery

Auburn Leaf & Bean – offering call in orders with curbside pickup and gift cards available

Heelesque with Jess & Ambitions Performing Arts – offering online classes and personal dance video chat trainings

Out on A Limb Tree Services – full service tree company specializing in tree trimming/removal, mistletoe removal, defensible space clearing and emergency services

The Feisty Phoenix – boutique apparel and gifts, shop online

Lindsay Esthetics – esthetician, offering online gift cards, free skincare consultation via Face Time, and products can be purchased online

A.L. Harvey Law – estate planning and business law

Clinical Massage Rocklin – offering gift cards to be redeemed at later date

Trail Blazer Pizza – purchase gift cards via phone to be mailed to you and used at later date

Melissa Bowers, At Your Service – lifestyle & business concierge service, errand running, task completion and more. Open for business.

Story Lit Film – film production, branding and promo content

H20 Adventures – Rafting, offering gift cards to be redeemed at a later date

Checker Cab – taxi services, open for business

Ryan G Motorworks – auto shop, German auto specialists, open for business

Warren & co Sourdough – cottage bakery, bread can be found at Auburn Bodega . Soon to add bread subscription & curbside pick up.

Hott Shots Detailing – car detailing, open for business

Baked & Brewed – coffee shop & bakery, offering curbside pickup

Advanced Skincare by Monique – skincare treatments, anti aging, acne treatments, advanced peels and waxing. open for business and offering gift cards

Pawsitively Divine – mobile pet grooming right to your door, open for business

AAMCO – transmission and total car care, open for business, sanitizing customer cars before and after services

Urban Dreamer Farm & Vineyard Farmstand -small farmstand Wednesdays 3:30-6pm & Saturdays 9am – 1pm, gift cards available, as well as baked goods, produce, fresh cooked food, and some keto treats

Aztec Landscaping – landscaping company, open for business

Signed Sara – handlettering and illustration, workshops, free online courses soon to come.

Elite Auto Spa – disinfect and kill bacteria in vehicle with steam and ozone machines, open for business

Auburn Nutrition – natural food, vitamin, & supplement store. Open and offering curbside pick up.

Autumn’s Facial & Waxing Studio – open and following steps to keep clients safe

The Club Car – offering takeout, curbside pick up, and gift cards.

Sierra Grill Smokehouse – offering curbside pickup

California Organics – offering curbside pickup

Save On Dry Cleaners – (530) 888-7006 , open for business

Auburn Community Accupuncture – gift cards available to purchase now and redeem at a later date, current patients can purchase AcuPass ( 6 treatments for price of 5 )

Howell’s Sewing & Vaccum – sewing machines & supplies, fabric, thread and more. Vacuums and parts. Service & repairs. open for business

Echo Valley Ranch – Hay, feed and pet supply. Offering curbside pick up, online ordering, and gift cards.

Tre Pazzi Trattoria – traditional Italian restaurant, open and encouraging To-Go/ Take Out orders

US Artisan Marketplace – boutique style shopping featuring local artisans and curators. open for business, adjusted hours.

Bishoff Plumbing – (530)470-3539 , plumbing services, open for business

Anderson’s Sierra Pipe Co. – plumbing, electrical, pump, and irrigation supply. offering curbside pick up, retail & repair open

Crudo Restaurant – Asian fusion cuisine, offering curbside pickup and free delivery

Thank you for all of your support, and I know together we can get through this!

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Teach Kids about the Gold Rush : Marshall Gold Discovery Park in Coloma, California

*Keep reading to learn more about Marshall Gold Discovery Historic State Park’s policies during the California stay home order.

Living History in Northern California

I think one of the best things about living in Northern California is all of the beautiful scenery and history around us. From where my family and I live, we can take a short drive in any direction and be at the ocean, or the mountains, or the city. I really wouldn’t change it for the world!

Marshall Gold Discovery Historic State Park in Coloma, California

My husband and I find so much joy sharing these beautiful places and taking educational outings with our kids. One of our favorite local places is Coloma, just a short drive up hwy 49 for us, and spending time at Marshall Gold Discovery Historic State Park . The last time he & I made this trip before taking our kids, I was newly pregnant with our oldest…so about 8 years ago! We were definitely due for a visit!

Coloma is a beautiful small town in the Foothills of El Dorado County in Northern California. It’s nestled in the middle of gorgeous rolling green hills and sits along South Fork American River!

Teach Kids about The Gold Rush

The discovery of gold in Coloma by James W. Marshall in 1848 is *THE* event that sparked the Gold Rush in California, and in return the start of the growth of the west!

Marshall Gold Discovery Historic State Park is a site rich with history, which you can read more about here , offers live demonstrations and priceless artifacts and ruins. Make sure to add this educational trip to your list of must see places in California!

Junior Rangers Program

Our first stop upon arrival is always the visitor center, which also houses the self guided museum. The volunteers working the front desk are always helpful, kind, and eager to answer any questions.

If you have little ones in tow, be sure to ask about the Junior Rangers program! You’ll receive a pamphlet with activities and challenges to complete as you walk the grounds. You’ll also learn about the history of the park, native plants and animals, the indigenous people that once inhabited the land, and more!

Historic ruins of the old Jailhouse
Indigenous Grinding Stones
Historic Artifacts around the grounds
Painted Mural inside the Chinese Wah Hop Store

The Marshall Gold Discovery Historic State Park Gift Shop

Be sure to end your visit with a stop at the gift shop! There are tons of local treasures, books for every age, trinkets, candies and more!

Visiting During Covid

While we took our most recent trip in February of 2020, and before the stay home orders and lock downs that followed, Marshall Gold Discovery park IS STILL OPEN with modifications – such as masks, distancing, and temporary demonstration closures. They are taking all precautions to still be able to offer a safe place to explore history and the outdoors during these times. * Please check their Marshall Gold Discovery Historic State Park website here for the latest news and updates needed to plan your trip!

Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park: Contact Information & Directions

*from their website


Gold Discovery Museum and Visitor Center

Gold Rush Mercantile 

Operating Hours and Fees

Day Use Fees
$10 per car
$9 per car (seniors 62 and older)

Day Use Areas 
Day after Labor Day Holiday to October 31st
8 am – 6 pm

November 1st to February 28th
8 am – 5 pm

March 1st to Friday before Memorial Day Weekend
8am- 6pm

Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend

9 am – 4 pm
7 Days a Week

Visitor Center
9 am – 4 pm
7 Days a Week

Winter Hours:
November 1st- February 28th
9 am – 4 pm

Summer Hours:
March 1st – October 31st
10 am – 5 pm

 Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.


310 Back Street
Coloma, CA 95613

Mailing Address:
PO Box 265
Coloma, CA 95613

The park is located in Coloma, California on Highway 49 between Placerville and Auburn.

From US Highway 50 traveling East: Take the Ponderosa exit, turn left on South Shingle, take a right on North Shingle. Continue on North Shingle for 10 miles (North Shingle will turn into Green Valley Road, then Lotus Road). Lotus Road ends at CA HWY 49. Turn right on Highway 49 and go 1 mile to Coloma.

From US HWY 80 traveling East: Take the Elm Ave. exit and turn left. Take a left on CA HWY 49/CA HWY 193/South El Dorado Street. Continue on Highway 49 for approximately 13 miles. Highway 49 runs through the middle of Coloma.

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