On Chasing Wellness + Why I Write

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Being a mom is without a shadow of a doubt the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. I love my kids from the depths of my heart, and I wouldn’t trade being their mom for anything. 

I love the way they laugh, the way their eyes light up when they’re telling me a story, the way they run to me when they fall. I love the way they look at the world, and the way they were born with kind hearts, and the way they wake up and climb straight into bed with us. I love them, and that will never change. Period.

 That being said, it’s not always rainbows and sunshine, and being a mom can also have its challenges .

Some of you know by now that I’ve been on a road to wellness, initiated by a bumpy road with my health (physical and mental) since having my sweet little twinlettes two years ago. If not- surprise, you do now ;). 

 Between swapping out products for clean alternatives ( going to share a post on some of my favs soon!), taking time to rest, focusing on eating real foods & supplements , visiting my doctors regularly for blood tests, exams, (and an upcoming surgery…more on that some other time), I’ve been feeling mostly better; but I’m not 100% yet, and every day comes with new struggles, but I’m always chasing after wellness.

I talk about it more in depth on my secondary Instagram account @fitishkimi (which I am considering just merging into my main account for the sake of “one-less-thing”…thoughts?)if you want to know more specifics, but for a brief run down so you know WHY I am on this quest to a healthier me: I have always struggled with anxiety and it hit a pretty scary (for me) tipping point coupled with depression last year. It snowballed into 4 rounds of bronchitis within a few months, adrenal fatigue, and hormone imbalances among other things, and I got sick and tired of always being sick and  tired. 

I’m still working towards finding balance and breaking bad habbits, working towards making time for self care, clearing out mental clutter & negative self talk that I’ve held onto for way too long…towards finding energy and motivation to get moving more with my always aching body, and to also sometimes being okay resting in the stillness that often comes instead. 

It’s an uphill battle, and one that I know could always be worse and for that I am thankful. But it’s one I’ve committed the past two years of my life to, and don’t intend to ever give up fighting for myself. 

Now, I want to also address the fact that I’m a sharer and I need you to know that it is not just for me. Yes, I do love to write because it helps to calm the constant racing thoughts/ anxiety…it’s therapeutic, and also I like to look back and read years later, because my memory is complete shit and there are things I don’t want to forget (pretty much 90% of why I love Instagram so much; it’s my photo diary).  

Honestly though, at times I am extremely self conscious about sharing personal experiences & thoughts (and what I do share is usually just the tip of the iceberg and if you want to message me to dig deeper, I’m always open to that) because I don’t want to be judged, or I don’t want my intentions to be misconstrued, or I don’t want to sound…I don’t even know.

I try to keep things positive for the most part, but that’s not always me, that’s not always life. Because I also want to be an open book. I feel strongly in sharing my experiences in hopes that if anyone out there is in the same boat, it helps you, on some level, to feel a little bit less isolated and alone. I know the feeling well and I want you to know you are worth fighting for. 

And it may not always be rainbows and sunshine, but there are still bits of sunshine between the clouds. And you may not know me, but I know how it feels. And I want you to know that. And you are not alone. And that’s why I write. 


Gorgeous Floral Prints by Script + Vine

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I have been looking for something special to hang over my bed for the longest time…well, since moving into our place in January. We don’t have a head board, so the wall above has been bare, and starved for attention.
I have a hard time committing to anything for our home that I don’t love. I’d see pieces that were ‘okay’, and then go to purchase and quickly back out…realizing that if I changed my mind I would be stuck with it. Sounds dramatic, but that’s me haha!
You all know my history as an illustrator by now, and if you take away one thing about me from a quick glance at my Instagram feed, it’s that I LOVE florals, botanicals, and overall anything having to do with nature. I’m an earth baby through and through…so when I saw these beautifully simple & timeless floral illustrations by Genevieve Ali at Script + Vine , I was immediately smitten!!
I wanted to do a little feature on Genevieve, so you could get to know her as I’ve had the pleasure of doing over the past month or so. I asked her a few questions about herself and the heart behind her pieces:
About Genevieve:


I’m Genevieve Ali, the lady behind Script + Vine. I’m an artist and brand designer who’s still convinced her letter from Hogwarts got lost in the mail.
Most days you’ll find me working in a grandpa sweater and leggings in my home studio, putting pen to paper or mouse to screen. Most nights you’ll find me lamenting how I forgot to plan dinner or questioning my decision to spend so much time lifting heavy weights and putting them back down.
About the pieces:


Script + Vine was born out of a love for art coupled with a deep connection to nature. Combining my interests in paper, stationery, and home decor, I create minimal, understated work from hand-drawn illustrations and quality specialty materials.


Each piece goes through my hands every step of the way: design, production, and packaging all happen from my home studio in Maryland, USA. Through my art pieces, I seek to elevate homes, studios, and offices with nature-inspired illustrations. Through my stationery, I seek to add a touch of elegance and magic to everyday communications.


About the prints:


All art prints are created from original drawings by me, Genevieve Ali. Each piece is drawn by hand in pencil and then in pen and ink, scanned into the computer, and then digitized for reproduction. I think there’s something magical about the way line drawings—so deceptively simple—can display such movement.


To me, these flowers are in conversation with one another, dancing on their stems. Each art piece is printed on recycled, 100% natural white cotton paper with archival black ink. Under the drawing of each floral is its Latin scientific name, a detail inspired by vintage botanical illustrations.




I am seriously head over heels for her work, and so grateful to have them hanging over my bed.


Genevieve has been so gracious to share a code for all of my readers:


Use code KIMILOVE for 15% off all purchases! 


You can shop her Genevieve’s art and services at Script + Vine , and find her on Instagram here.

Growing Little Readers with BookRoo

Product Reviews

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.* 

Did you know that September is national literacy month?! I wish I could say that as a kid, I loved to read…but that would be a lie. Throughout elementary school, I distinctly remember dreading any reading lessons that were assigned- especially reading aloud. I read very slowly, fumbled on my words, and didn’t comprehend what I was reading. The words were just words on a page, and nothing more.

If it were up to little Kimi, I would have given up reading for leisure the day I graduated elementary school, but I’m SO glad that’s not the case. I realized I wasn’t comprehending because I was too nervous about what others thought of my reading abilities, so there wasn’t enough room to soak in the beautiful stories over the noise of my own insecurities. I never loved to read because since realizing I was behind in kindergarten, I had continued to feel that I was behind and inadequate. I felt like every other student was somehow better than me, and instead of wanting to get better, it made me want to give up! 

Fortunately, that realization sparked something inside of me and between that and my curiosity (or nosiness?) and desire to constantly be learning and growing, I have become a total lover of books! So much so in fact that I want to be sure that I pass this on to my kids. We did a book raffle at my oldests’ baby shower instead of a diaper raffle, my twins’ nursery theme was children’s literature, and my daughter is named after the author of my favorite book: Harper Lee. 
I want to give my children the amazing gift of an EARLY love of reading and the confidence that comes with it, so when I first heard about BookRoo, I was beyond excited!

Created by three sisters-in-law, moms, and book lovers, BookRoo is a unique subscription box for kids: they deliver absolutely beautiful children’s books to your door every month! They are hand wrapped like little gifts for your kids to unwrap, and packaged in recycled (and recycleable!) boxes!  

Their mission is to enable and empower parents to build their children’s book collections in an affordable and exciting way through curated monthly book deliveries! They believe in the power and impact of the written word in the life of a child, and believe it’s never too early to start reading to children! 

BookRoo believes as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did that:

“It is a great thing to start life with a small number of really good books which are your very own.”

One of the most beautiful things about this box for me, is the excitement that my kids had when opening their boxes. They WANTED to read!! I mean, look at those smiles!! Total win!!
So how does it work?:

There are two levels of boxes for your readers: picture books (which come with two books per box), and board books for younger readers (which come with three books). They carefully source hidden gems; books that aren’t easily found in stores and online in hopes of adding to your collection with books you don’t have yet! These books are highly recommended and reviewed by a panel of 12 families attending Stanford University and their combined 22 kids before they make their way into your box!
Overall, we are SO excited about BookRoo and HIGHLY reccommend these boxes! I seriously couldn’t wait to share this blog post with you!! 

There are several subscription options available to you, as well as the option to gift  a box! Check out Bookroo, and get your own box here ! 

Make Learning Fun with M is For Monster

Product Reviews

*this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.


In this tiny house,  there is always something exciting going on. When you have 3 kids  in 926 sq feet , living quarters tend to get tight, and fighting is almost always inevitable. I like to try to keep my nuggets busy, as an idle toddler typically leads to chaos if left to their own vices. Mamas, I know you know what i’m talking about! ….sometimes silence isn’t golden when two year olds are involved…can I get an amen?!.  >.<


In keeping my brood busy, I also like to make sure what they’re doing is benefiting their growing brains and active imaginations, and thats why we have totally fallen in L-O-V-E (yep, I said it!) with M is for Monster subscription boxes!


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

So excited about their ‘presents!’

M is for Monster is a kid’s subscription box company, that focuses on educational activities and play, created by a supermom & ex preschool teacher! In these carefully and thoughtfully curated boxes, you will receive all of the supplies and instructions needed to lead your child through learning games that will help to nurture their fine motor skills, color and number recognition, literacy, love of arts and crafts, and more!

There are 3 different levels of boxes to chose from, depending on your child’s (or children’s) age/s: we chose levels 1 & 2 for our 2 year old twins and 4 year old. There are multiple plans as well, ranging from a mini-box up to a 6-month subscription, and even options for daycares and preschools. Each box you receive comes with a selection of themes, and the option to also add on a children’s book that will coordinate with the theme to open up conversation and make learning even more fun!




Individually packaged themes and craft supplies!

When we recieved our box, I was immediately impressed with how well thought through everything was. Each theme came in its own color coded paper bag, secured with a beautifully designed sticker. Inside each bag was a doorway to new adventures! Profesional quality print outs, arts and crafts supplies, and even fun little masks for the kids to wear while doing their Zoo theme activities. You can tell that this is not just her business, but also a passion, and that in and of itself is something special.



Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Monkey see monkey do! Great fun with their masks during their Zoo theme activity.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Look! No fighting!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Monkeying around. He loved this counting exercise.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

There is some cutting required, so if you don’t have safety scissors, you will need to do this part.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Tearing strips of paper for zebra stripes: working on their fine motor skills!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Counting animals in the zoo! We also discussed the colors they saw.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Checking out his animals and telling me all about them!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Watercolor painting some seashells in his Beach theme activities

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Letter practice: writing the letters in playdoh with a “REAL SEASHELL!” He LOVED this one!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Counting seashells on the beach!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Everyone happily learning together, no fighting at all!



You can purchase your own box here   .

-Thank you to M is for Monster for sponsoring this post, and for the engaging and exciting learning memories you’ve given my kids! We love everything about your subscription boxes!





gofanco EdgeS 7-Port Charging Station

Product Reviews

When you are a family of 5 in 926 sq ft, you have to get creative with the space you have. Every inch of every corner of every room needs to be optimized for max-usage. (And when I put it that way, it kind of sounds like I’m talking about a Transformer…but I guess I basically am.)
We have floating shelves for our bowls, plates, and cups, to keep the few upper cabinets we do have free for spices & every day cooking ingredients. We have shelves over the washer & dryer that act as our pantry. We’ve got the kid’s walk-in-closet set up as toy storage as well as a reading space, and part of our front room is also a play room. 
The dresser in our bedroom doubles as our desk & workspace, and our kids each have one drawer in the dresser in their room. Our bookshelf doubles as a console/catch all station, and our couch folds down into a guest bed. Every inch, max usage.
Needless to say, space is limited for things like electronics & the chargers and cords that go along with them. For this reason, I was ALL IN when gofanco reached out to me to test and review their EdgeS 7-Port USB charging station

*First off, let me preface this by saying that I received this product for free in exchange for my review. Rest assured these opinions are completely my own.*
The EdgeS arrived in a carefully packed package, the cord & power source packaged neatly & separately. The product comes with two dust mats (which I thought was a nice little touch) so you can choose between white or black. I received the white dock, but chose the black mat so that fingerprints won’t show. The power source plugs into the wall, and an adapter connects it to the EdgeS. There is a beautiful blue power light, which I like the look of, however, regardless if the device is off or on, the power source stays on. This confused me a bit, but I don’t know too much about the ins & outs of electronics or if it even effects the overall function for it to remain engaged. We constantly have at least once device on the charger so this is a non-issue for us, and we could always just unplug it. 

After using it for a week, here are a few of the things I enjoy most about the EdgeS 7-Port Charging Station:
-I noticed better and faster charging of my devices compared to directly charging on the wall outlet.
-I REALLY enjoy that I can charge multiple devices at once. Not only do I work partially from my phone, but we use one of our old phones as a sound box for the kids during nap and bedtime. Before this, we would always have to switch out the cords & trade off who gets to charge next (often arguing over who needs it first. “I’m at 7%!”, “Well I’m only at 6!”…Haha! Oh, marriage <3. ), since we have limited space, and we are hesitant to buy more “stuff” including cords. With the dock, everyone is happy!
-You can charge multiple TYPES of devices: iPhone, android, iPad, etc. on the same dock.
-It is compact, about the size of a typical paperback novel, so it takes up very little space.
-It’s sleek design & minimalist black/white colorway help it blend into any type of home decor without being overpowering or awkward. 
– It’s priced affordably for the quality!
There are only a couple of things that, I think, could use improvement: 
-The constant use of the power bank cord when the device is not in/in use. Again, I am no electronics wizard, so this could very well be necessary for the proper function of this device. And if so, than it’s easy to overlook.
-The charging station does not come with the charging cords for each port. It would be nice to include short charging cords for this device (even if just one or two) so you aren’t using one of the standard long cords that comes with a phone. Again-this could be overlooked because if you have an iPhone, it would be a waste to have a bunch of android chargers or vice versa. On that note, they ARE easy to find and purchase separately based on your own needs.

Overall, if you are on the market for a multi device charging dock, I am really happy with the function, affordability and design of this one by gofanco. You can purchase here
Do you have a gofanco EdgeS? If so, let me know what you think of it in the comments below!!
As always, thank you SO much for taking time to read my blog! Please reach out and say hello, I’d love to talk! 
Is there something you’d like to see me write about? Let me know!

An Easy Way to Deck the Halls

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A great way to “deck the halls” on a budget is to grab several different styles of these floral stems and pair them together in a neutral vase/glass/jar/pitcher you already have! 

For this piece, I chose some “snow” frosted pine cones, some greenery, and of course some glitter , and added to this vintage wash basin set my other mom(I hate the word step) had sitting near the stairs! For $1-$3 per stem, it’s an affordable and effective way to bring some simple holiday flare to your home.


Also, I know what you’re thinking- it’s not even Thanksgiving yet…but we LOVE Christmas in this house. 

Check out these other pics for all the ways we’ve used this method this year! While the price point of these stems was a few dollars higher, the concept is still the same, and we used everyday vases, proving that even if you spend a little more, the piece is still budget friendly and super impactful! 

Which one is your favorite? While I love them all, I’m personally a sucker for gold and natural elements, so my soft spot is for the first example!

 I’d love for you to share some of your favorite budget friendly holiday tips in the comments below!

Handwritten Revival

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Musings from the bottom of my cup: I think I’ll write some snail mail today. I have a couple of notes the kids made that I need to send out, and I think I’ll write some more.

 As a professional letterer, I have a deep fondness of hand written. It can be a challenge some days to sit down and write out sentiments, and to remember to mail them off….but it’s so much more meaningful (to me at least) than a typed out email. Am I right? 

So today, I’m going to MAKE time for it. It’s that important. I think my address book is in storage somewhere…but that’s okay…I know most from memory, and the others, I can get.

 While I’m at it, if you want to swap notes and doodles 📝, shoot me an email or comment and I’ll put one in the mail for you too. Let’s start a #handwrittenrevival ! ❤️

The Best Diaper Bag for Moms of Multiples

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As a mom of twins + 1, I am always on the lookout for tips & products that will make my life easier…especially when it comes to leaving the house with my kids. It can get pretty overwhelming juggling two one year olds and a three year old (phew….I’m ready for a nap just thinking about it!).
One thing that has made leaving the house SO much easier is my Okkatots Baby Bag. There are several different bags to choose from, but I have the Travel Depot Bag. This thing is amazing, keeps me totally organized (aka keeps me sane) and I wish I would’ve known about it sooner! 
I will share with you how I organize my bag but first, check out Okkatots’ description:

Product Description

Headed on vacation? An overnight trip to grandmother’s house? Or even just planning to spend a day with your kids in the great outdoors? If so; this is the ultimate travel diaper bag made just for you! Its unique design was specifically engineered to give you a place to put everything you need and easily access whatever you are looking for while on the go.
Travel Depot Bag Features:
Easy Access diaper wipes compartment

Insulated Side Bottle Pocket

Insulated cooler on the top of the bag. Holds up to 6 bottles or perfect for packed lunches

Cushioned laptop compartment holds 2 tablets and / or laptops up to 15”

2 cell phone pockets

Comfortable shoulder straps

Reinforced stroller straps

Antimicrobial cushioned changing pad

Antimicrobial compartment for storage of dirty clothes

Antimicrobial pacifier pouch

Main compartment fully unzips like a book for efficient packing and visibility

Multiple elasticized interior pockets

Fits under airplane seats

Measurements: 17.5” X 16” X 9.5”

Sounds pretty cool right? Well, it is! I looked and look for diaper bags with my oldest and settled on one that was cheap and could “get the job done”…well you get what you pay for and let’s just say it didn’t last very long before metal pieces from the “Doctor’s bag” style opening started poking out & seams ripped.

 I was fortunate enough to have a beautiful friend of mine gift me with a gorgeous handmade satchel diaper bag, and I love it! However, with having two littles in diapers at the same time, we outgrew it very quickly (although I still use it as a purse!). 

This Travel Depot bag is made for travel, but has become our everyday bag. I love that it’s made like a backpack because that means it’s hands free, plus it has a chest buckle for even more security (and I feel it distributes weight more evenly), and the straps as well as the back are padded…which is HUGE if you’re carrying lots of items. 

Another thing that totally blows my mind with this bag is the cooler! I WISH I would’ve had this while I was nursing/pumping because it’s great for storing bottles. Since I don’t have the need for that many bottles anymore, we use it for carrying fruit & snacks. It’s insulated so it keeps everything nice and cool, and with it being at the top of the bag, it keeps your snacks from getting smashed….nobody likes smashed snacks. 
The diaper section is HUGE, so you can easily fit at least 20 diapers with room on the sides for other items. There is a built in wipes container on the side, so you’re not having to dig for the wipes with a squirmy baby! I imagine I will swap these out for wet naps of disinfecting wipes once the little ones are out of diapers. 

Another really cool feature that I totally geeked out over is the padded section at the back for tablets & laptops. It’s close to your back (when you’re wearing the bag) which means that it’s not sticking out where it can get hit, and I love that the section is secured with its own zip pouch & padded with soft fabric, so I know my devices are safe! When traveling, this is great because you don’t have to dig through the whole bag to find your laptop or tablet…they’re right in their own little space! 
The only things I could potentially see as being things to consider for some, are price (this bag retails at $159.99 (US), and the fact that since it CAN hold so much, it COULD get heavy. However, here are a couple of things to consider…
As I said at the beginning of this post, you get what you pay for. Having used the bags I’ve used, being a mom of 3, and having traveled and moved halfway across the country….I wish I would’ve known about this bag & invested in it sooner because, as cliche as it sounds, this bag changed my life. It has taken so much unnecessary stress off of my shoulders. For the ease of carry, accessibility of the items in the bag, and overall quality- it is more than worth it, and totally pays for itself. 
As for the weight of the bag, the website states that it weighs 1lb, and I would agree. My bag is filled with diapers & wipes, changes of clothes for all 3, our iPad, a couple of board books, snacks, and other miscellaneous small items, so it’s still very light weight. If you were traveling and tried to pack this puppy full, I could see the weight of it easily climbing…however, with the padded straps & cross body buckle, it would weigh the same as any backpack carrying the same things…AND be way more organized. So, to me…the pros outweigh the “cons”… If you would even call them cons. 
Overall, this bag is the bees knees, and whether you’re a mom of one or several, I’d call the Okkatots Travel Depot Bag a must-have! 
(More pics to come!)

Full disclosure: I received this bag complimentary from Okkatots. Rest assured, I would never endorse something I didn’t fully believe in.

Hwy 102 Soap Emporium

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Many of you know that I try (I say try because, I’m only human, and sometimes it’s not always possible)  to eat as clean as possible. I’m gluten free (celiac) , mostly dairy (cow) free as of recently, and strive to cook using simple nutrient dense ingredients. I worked at Whole Foods Market for 8 years before staying home full-time, and between my time in the prepared foods department, and over half a decade in the marketing department, I learned so much about how our food is made, the importance, not only to our bodies- but to the environment, of eating and living sustainably & as green as possible, and why it benefits everyone involved to source products that are handmade/farm raised.
That being said, I’ve been on a mission to find some new green products to add to my daily routine, so I was thrilled when Hwy 102 Soap Emporium contacted me through Collabor8 to partner with them, and obviously said “YES!!”
I received the Chamomile Exfoliating Mineral Goat Milk Soap , Lavender Lotion, and 4 bath bombs: Cotton Candy, Dream, Nut N’ Honey, and Huckleberry.

The Exfoliating Soap is seriously to die for. I snapped this pic after washing my hands with it, and good.NESS….I could feel it at work immediately! The sweet floral of the chamomile lightly scented my skin and I could tell my hands were softer right away. As soon as I took the pic, I promptly put that sucker in my shower because OMG I need it in my life every day!

You can get these beautiful soaps at Jane.com , where they will be featured at a discount for the next 3 days! Stock up- you won’t regret it!
The Lavender Fields lotion is everything I hoped it would be. Lavender is my favorite calming scent (I actually used it while I was in labor with my oldest). The slightly sweet, woody, and  floral scent is instant tranquility in a bottle. The lotion is creamy and hydrating, and absorbs quickly into your skin without leaving a greasy feeling. I am keeping it in my nightstand to use before bed for some instant zen (which I totally need with my anxiety & insomnia!)


I will update after I use these bath bombs, but they are too pretty not to share! They are each handmade and individually wrapped. These would make great gifts!! Here is what they have to say about these cute little bombs! :

“Parents, are you tired of sticky faces and smelly butts? Are you considering covering your home in plastic, because those pesky children of yours won’t bathe? Well, we have the solution to make bath time fun, and dare we say something they ask for! Our bath bombs full of skin soothing ingredients start out white, and as the children watch amazed, a bright fun color bomb will soon emerge and turn bath time from a drab, clear experience to a brightly hued party! These bombs are perfectly safe and nontoxic for bath time, and will not dye your children or the tub!”

Here’s a little bit about Hwy 102 Soap Emporium from their founders Lindsay Reay and Lyndse Gibbs:
“Hwy 102 Soap Emporium’s goal is to produce the finest goat milk products that are not only good for all ages and skin types, but also good for the environment. We will strive to keep the purchasing of the goods, and the production of our handmade products local to Utah”
Last but absolutely not least! Curious where the goat’s milk comes from? They know the goats! Learn more about the Hattons, the people that provide the main ingredient in these yummy smelling (don’t eat them 😉 ) products, and the sweet little goats themselves!:

“We are the Hatton’s, and we live on a small farm in northern Utah. We enjoy growing our own produce, and raising animals for companionship as well as their resources. We began raising goats three years ago. We started our herd with one little Nubian yearling and soon realized how much we loved having her around. It didn’t take us long to grow our herd to the fifteen goats we now have. Our goats are all very kind and loving which makes milking them even more enjoyable!”

Full disclosure: I received these products in exchange for a post, but rest assured I would never share a product I didn’t fully believe in! I hope you’ll love these products as much as I do!

Beautifully Handmade by Krafty Kash designs

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2014 – ’16 has been a time of huge changes for our family- immediate and extended. For my pack of 5, we had twins, a few job changes, I left my career of 8 years to stay home, my husband got his real estate license, we sold our house, moved out of state, I was finally diagnosed for my anxiety, among other small things.
Beyond that,in our extended families, there have been more international moves, out of country moves, tragic accidents, and more. With that there have also been many new and happy memories, milestones met by the kids, and lots of love  and so much laughter in between the tears. It has been a time where we not only relied on each other to make it through- but our faith as well.
We’ve been stretched and tested and humbled and reminded that God is in control. I am such a perfectionist and that has been such a BIG struggle for me; to, as the saying goes, “let go and let God.” But it is so true. Life is full of curve balls and as much as we try to plan, things come up and you just have to ride the wave. 

I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Krafty Kash designs, through an awesome platform (you’ve probably heard me mention before) called Collabor8. I saw their beautiful handmade custom bible and map jewelry and I knew I wanted to tell you guys about it! I spoke with Kristina and she let me choose a word or scripture, and 2 charms to go with it for my piece. I knew instantly what I wanted.

For my custom necklace, I chose Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.” And my kids birthstones. She was gracious enough to include 2 of the March stones for my twins, along with the December for my oldest.

 This verse has carried me through the past couple of years. When I feel like I want to lose hope, I am reminded that God is in control and all the steps are ordered. Kristina was an absolute joy to work with, friendly and accommodating. 

I can’t wait to purchase more pieces from Kraftykash! I will treasure my necklace forever. Check out their beautiful handmade jewelry at KraftyKash or on Instagram @kraftykash ! 

Full disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received this peice in exchange for an honest review. Rest assured that I would never promote a product or brand I didn’t fully believe in.