Feel Good Foods for Gluten Free Weeknight Meals feat. Congra Foods

* Full Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Conagra Brands. All thoughts and opinions are my own. *

In the six years since my celiac diagnosis, and seven years being strictly gluten free, the gluten free food market has grown leaps and bounds! Even so, I often receive questions and comments about finding new gluten free foods at the grocery store that *actually taste good.*

While I agree that it is pretty overwhelming, even daunting, at first… there are a few key things you can do to maintain your gluten free lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

My struggle as a mom of 3 is always weekdays- non existent are the days of eating the crusts off of my kids PBJ’s (they’re not gluten free!), and I’m always running 10 places at once so anything I can grab-and-go makes my life so much easier. I’ve learned a few things along the way so here are some pretty easy-to-do tips on how to make sure you’re all stocked up for your gluten free week!

Tip 1: Pile Up the Produce

This may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people ask me if certain veggies are gluten free- potatoes and carrots surprisingly get the most questions.

Cruise the produce section of your store with your reusable cloth produce bags, and fill those babies up with all the fresh fruits and veggies you like! It’s all gluten free, and they make perfect on the go snacks.

Some may need a tiny bit of prep…No problem, just wash and chop when you get home and store in a glass jar in the fridge, so when you’re hungry, it’s as easy as opening the fridge and taking your pick!

Tip 2: Pasta Perfection

I was devastated when I got my diagnosis. An Italian girl, who can no longer enjoy her pizza and pasta and pastries? What a shame! And you won’t believe how bad the gluten free “pasta” at the time tasted. It was strictly brown rice pasta and it was a terrible, gummy mess!

We’ve come so far over the years and there are now soooo many wonderful varieties out there- from boxed to fresh, spaghetti to rotini. My whole family loves pasta, and it’s perfect for busy nights, so we just buy the gluten free pasta for everyone! The texture is just like the real deal. Make sure to keep a couple of boxes in the pantry for easy gluten free weeknight dinners.

Tip 3: The Freezer is Your Friend

Okay, say it with me, “The Freezer is my friend.” If you’re thinking ‘who is this crazy woman trying to get me to say I love the freezer?’ just hear me out…

The freezer aisles at your local grocery store is where you will find the majority of your tasty gluten free options, and now a days they are so good. I always check the gluten free section, but be sure to scope out the rest of the freezer aisles for gluten free sprinkled throughout. Many stores will often have an extra hang-tag on their gluten free products.

I like to stock my freezer with a few different things, the Healthy Choice Grain Free Power Bowls – made with cauliflower rice and all kinds of goodies from evol are some recent favorites. Here are a couple I’ve got on hand right now for busy weeknight meals!

First up is the Fire Grilled Steak bowl from evol. I LOVE the way this bowl tastes! They are made with nothing artificial, the seasoning is spot on, and it is great as is. You could also pop it into a gluten free tortilla to make a burrito or over greens for a hearty salad!

Check out this description of the bowls from their website:

Fire grilled steak raised without antibiotics is combined with black beans, white rice, red and green bell peppers, roasted corn and cheddar cheese mixed with an insanely tasty cilantro lime pesto sauce in this flavor-packed favorite. Did we mention it’s also gluten free? With 18g of protein and 7g of fiber in each bowl, this dish is more than just delicious, it’s just what you need!

Healthy Choice Power Bowls : Grain Free

These grain free (gluten free, whoop whoop!) bowls are right up my alley. They’re served over riced cauliflower and their single serving bowls are made from plant based fiber! That little touch goes a long way with me. Besides that, the Grain Free Healthy Choice Power Bowls taste sooo good, the veggies are nicely cooked, and they are really a great meal.


Check out the description of this bowl from the Healthy Choice website:

Chicken and broccoli don’t have to be boring! This grain-free dish tosses those healthy-eating staples with riced cauliflower, mixed veggies, a zesty marinara sauce, and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese for a dish that proves anything is possible with the right ingredients–and the right attitude.

And there you have it! A few easy tips for keeping up your gluten-free lifestyle all week long with some feel good foods from Congra brands! I hope this was helpful and that you can shop confidently in your grocery & freezer aisles from now on! Be sure to check your packages for the words “Gluten Free”.

To purchase the products from Congra Foods mentioned above, shop here .


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