Make Learning Fun with M is For Monster

*this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.


In this tiny house,  there is always something exciting going on. When you have 3 kids  in 926 sq feet , living quarters tend to get tight, and fighting is almost always inevitable. I like to try to keep my nuggets busy, as an idle toddler typically leads to chaos if left to their own vices. Mamas, I know you know what i’m talking about! ….sometimes silence isn’t golden when two year olds are involved…can I get an amen?!.  >.<


In keeping my brood busy, I also like to make sure what they’re doing is benefiting their growing brains and active imaginations, and thats why we have totally fallen in L-O-V-E (yep, I said it!) with M is for Monster subscription boxes!


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So excited about their ‘presents!’


M is for Monster is a kid’s subscription box company, that focuses on educational activities and play, created by a supermom & ex preschool teacher! In these carefully and thoughtfully curated boxes, you will receive all of the supplies and instructions needed to lead your child through learning games that will help to nurture their fine motor skills, color and number recognition, literacy, love of arts and crafts, and more!

There are 3 different levels of boxes to chose from, depending on your child’s (or children’s) age/s: we chose levels 1 & 2 for our 2 year old twins and 4 year old. There are multiple plans as well, ranging from a mini-box up to a 6-month subscription, and even options for daycares and preschools. Each box you receive comes with a selection of themes, and the option to also add on a children’s book that will coordinate with the theme to open up conversation and make learning even more fun!




Individually packaged themes and craft supplies!


When we recieved our box, I was immediately impressed with how well thought through everything was. Each theme came in its own color coded paper bag, secured with a beautifully designed sticker. Inside each bag was a doorway to new adventures! Profesional quality print outs, arts and crafts supplies, and even fun little masks for the kids to wear while doing their Zoo theme activities. You can tell that this is not just her business, but also a passion, and that in and of itself is something special.



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Monkey see monkey do! Great fun with their masks during their Zoo theme activity.
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Look! No fighting!
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Monkeying around. He loved this counting exercise.
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There is some cutting required, so if you don’t have safety scissors, you will need to do this part.
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Tearing strips of paper for zebra stripes: working on their fine motor skills!
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Counting animals in the zoo! We also discussed the colors they saw.
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Checking out his animals and telling me all about them!
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Watercolor painting some seashells in his Beach theme activities
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Letter practice: writing the letters in playdoh with a “REAL SEASHELL!” He LOVED this one!
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Counting seashells on the beach!
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Everyone happily learning together, no fighting at all!



You can purchase your own box here   .

-Thank you to M is for Monster for sponsoring this post, and for the engaging and exciting learning memories you’ve given my kids! We love everything about your subscription boxes!






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