Affordable and Functional Storage for Kids

*full disclosure: I partnered with Nathan James on this blog post. all opinions are my own.*

When it comes to living small (we have 5 in a 2 bedroom home), the word *storage* makes your heart skip a beat!

Storage is the single most important factor in keeping the home organized and running smoothly. It keeps clutter at bay, and helps keep mama happy. And we all know that when mama is happy, everyone’s happy, right? Right.

Add the word *stylish* to that storage and I go ga-ga. And I found the prettiest most functional cabinet, and had to spill the beans with you. It was just too good to keep it to myself!

I recently received this super stylish mid century style cabinet from Nathan James, and it is PERFECT for my kids’ room. The three of them love knowing that they each have their own cubby AND their own cabinet spot, and I put cute little white buckets in their cabinets to store all their little Knick-knacks (again with the *storage*).

I think it looks great and always am on the lookout for new and stylish storage solutions! It was quick to assemble, and can be purchased from their shop right here for anyone interested!


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