Easy, Budget Friendly Ways to Celebrate Spring with Kids

With Spring always seems to come a sense of whimsy and wonder. Chilly winter wind fades away as new life sprouts from flora & fauna.

We watched Bambi last night as a family, and everyone’s eyes lit up (including my own) as the long, sad, (and for Bambi, heartbreaking) winter turned to spring! The forest was again full of vibrant colors, sunshine, and song!

I’ve always felt a strong affinity for the changing of the seasons, but winter to spring is especially magical. Don’t you think?

One think I try to stay mindful of is creating a home that flows with the seasons. To really appreciate each day we are given and all the beautiful things that come with it.

We love seasonal celebrations and crafts, so I thought I would show you what we’ve been up to so far this spring with some fun, easy, and budget friendly Springtime activities for kids!


With Easter being tomorrow, this had to be first! My kids love dying eggs, and for a cost of about $5, it’s a fun and easy activity my wallet loves too! Plus, you can eat your creation…soooo, obviously that’s a yes from me.


Not only is gardening FUN, it also helps your kids learn where their food comes from! Having them involved in this process has been shown to encourage healthy eating, improve mental health, learn responsibility and hone their motor skills. Plus it’s a great way to bond outdoors and introduce them to some scientific concepts- like the effects of weather, sunlight and water for example!


Now that the rain has stopped (mostly), we’ve been spending a lot of our time outside! Backyard hangouts are our favorite! Sometimes we have picnics, sometimes we blow bubbles, sometimes we play chalk. But we ALWAYS have fun!


I love our plants, and anything to add to the collection is golden in my book! Last month, we each picked out a new flower ($2-3 each) and planted them all together in a big pot for the yard! The kids loved getting to pick and plant their own special flower and enjoy watering and admiring them!


Paper crafts are easily my favorite thing to do with my kids. As an illustrator, my heart swells watching my kids use their creativity and imagination in this way!

If you follow me on instagram , you know that I’m ALWAYS sharing the fun crafts the kids and I do in my stories. Most of them are paper crafts, and with our little stash of craft supplies, they use all things we have on hand and cost us nothing extra! Here are a couple of our recent springtime creations!

Bingo Dot Easter Art

For these, I just drew a simple outline of a chick and a bunny on a piece of plain white paper. I gave them their bingo dot markers (found at Dollar Tree!) and let them go to town!

Fill the Basket

These were so fun! I drew them each an empty basket, and asked them how they would fill it! They had so much fun I made one of my own (bottom picture). I filled a muffin tin with a bunch of different crafty supplies, including yarn, googley eyes, beads, and paper cut to different shapes. Then I gave them each glue and a paint brush. They spent about an hour doing this! (Hint: would be perfect to set up to get some work done, or have a nice hot cup of coffee while they create!)

Here are a couple I have featured in my “Make” highlight on my Instagram. I didn’t take many photos, as they’re in stories. Head over to @kimilove to see these and more!

Painted Eggs

Bunny Mask

Carrots & Bunny Trap

I hope this has been helpful, and that you’ve gotten some ideas you can take and do with your own family! I will continue to add to the list as the season continues!

Happy Spring, friends!


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